Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Plans

Since nice weather has FINALLY hit us here in Washington (for this week atleast, we'll see how next week goes), we've been trying to get out and enjoy it as much as possible! First up we went out to Ruston Way and took in the beautiful view of the ocean. Guy I love it.

Yes we spend a lot of time at my mom's with my sister and her kids. Its so nice for them to get to play outside and have room to run around and ride bikes, plus I like them. :) The other day we were over there blowing bubbles. Pretty fun!

Then today me and Kristie's family went down to Puyallup's Farmer's Market, that was a little crazy, but still a good time! They had chalk out for the kids to color on the sidewalk, pretty cool, they all liked it except Sam who just wanted to go down the slide over and over, or run away from me. :>

I've been wanting to go to Utah SO BAD lately, so I'm trying to earn some extra money to go visit. My mom has a huge yard and a lot of work she's wanting done on it, so she's a good mom and is paying me to help her get some of it done. Its hard work and I'm super out of shape, so I'm hoping besides the money, I'll get some exercise and a tan! Bonus. So if you know anyone that wants some pictures taken, refer them to me so I can make some extra money! You can even refer them to my new photography blog, just low key. Its:

So, what have you done so far this summer?

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Delee said...

What a fun family day! I have been loving the weather, too. And missing you guys! We don't get together nearly as much as I thought we would.... Hopefully we can get togther soon. Oh, and Welcome home David!

kristie said...

Ooooh Ooooh fun filled AND sun filled, eh?!! hee hee

kristie said...

I love all the pictures! Except, ya know, the one that I'm in:> Hopefully we'll have some more fun filled days!

Teachinfourth said...

There are days I really miss living in Washington. There's just something about the Pacific Northwest…

Maybe it's huckleberries.

BTW, I stumbled here via Cheeseboy.