Sunday, August 08, 2010

Special Thoughts

When I was first getting to know one of my dearest friends, we took a photo trip out to the salt flats and she road out with me. Its about an hour and a half drive and we had lots to talk about and it was very fun. At one point on the way home, it felt very deja vu-like and I told her that. She responded to me with, "Oh! Do you know what I think deja vu is? I think we've seen our lives before and when we have deja vu its because we're on the right track. Right where we're supposed to be." Maybe not in those exact words, but you get the drift. I loved the thought, it really resonated with me.

As I was getting ready the other day, I had a strong feeling of deja vu. And it got me thinking about being in heaven and seeing my life before me. And choosing to go even when it got hard, and wanting to go anyway. Then I thought about seeing my family around me and not wanting their life to be hard and gladly taking their hard parts away. I can't bear the thought of watching them go through something terrible, and even now I would want it to be me instead of them. I thought about choosing my life and wanting to be valiant and wanting to make my Heavenly Father proud; that I would not want to have shrunken back from the hard parts but taken them on, knowing I could do it.

It hit me very hard, making me cry. Making me cry right now. I feel very strongly like this is true, and next time I come up against something hard, I will remember the big picture and not shrink away but stand up tall and strong. I hope sharing this thought might help you when your trials show up next. And a big thank you to my special friend Shanna, who continues to help me with her great spirit, even when she's not nearby. :)

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Pogue Fam said...

Thats a really neat post. Something I actually needed to hear :) Your spectacular Melinda. Really truly.