Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Lots O Stuff!

Its been a week since I last posted and I'm needing to update!

First up we'll start with Kimball, he's just over three months now and is totally rolling over! Both back to stomach and stomach to back. Also besides the rolling over, he's sort of scooting too. He can get his knees up underneath him and if we put him on the floor he's turning in a circle and moving within a couple seconds. Crazy baby! He's also smiling and laughing and just getting so big! I really need to take some pictures of him and I'll just have to do that soon.

Sam is kind of going through a terrible two stage. I never had terrible two's with my girls, it was more the three's that were hard. But no, Sam has a little naughty streak that we're trying to work on. Last Sunday during Sacrament Sam leans over to Kimball and points his finger at his face and says "Kimball, pull my finger!" I quickly cupped my hand over his mouth, and he kept saying it like four more times or so. We can thank daddy for teaching him that one! Naughty.

Maddie has been very lovey lately. Last night she sat on the couch with Dave and just rubbed his head for like half an hour, mixed in a couple kisses on his cheek too. She likes to sit by Kimball and pat his head too and when I'm working out and really whining, she'll come over and rub my hair. She's sweet.

We went to Point Defiance last night to take my sister's family pictures, and while we were there waiting Bethany ran by a little yappy dog and it chased her and bit her leg! I felt so bad for her, it was behind her and she didn't even see it coming and it probably scared the heck out of her. It didn't bite her hard enough to break the skin but there was a little bruise and you could see the teeth marks. The guy felt horrible (obviously, because we could've really caused him a problem. Pretty sure they put dog's down for biting children) and we tried not to make him feel bad, I just think its not very smart to take a dog to a park if it attacks kids. Duh. But I just told him it was fine instead. :) She's getting so big though, has two more loose teeth and some molars coming in. She loves playing the wii and is actually pretty darn good!

I'm getting ready to go visit Utah, I leave this Saturday for a week and I'm getting sort of nervous! I'm a little scared to leave my kids, even if they will be with Dave and taken care of. I just hope Sam doesn't run off somewhere or break an arm or something. I'm also worried no one in Utah will want to see me! haha I'm really excited actually and hopefully it will be a great trip, as long as I can go to Smart Cookie it will be worth it! haha And Kimball's my youngest kid to fly an airplane, I think Sam was about six months the first time he flew! I'm not worried about flying, I think he'll do fine, I'm just hoping its not a really crowded plane. Oh, and I got my hair cut the other day, I'll try and get a picture of it soon and post that too.

Dave's training ended yesterday, he's glad to be done with it since they really didn't have a lot to do and sat around a lot. (Hard life huh?) His new job starts on the 16th, so he'll be staying home this next week with the kids while I'm gone. Although he does have an interview for a higher paying job this Friday, it would be pretty awesome if he got that! Me and Dave have a bet to see who can lose two inches off our waist first, we don't know what the prize will be yet, but its on! And I hope I win. :)

Thats about it for now, its felt really busy around here and I feel sad that it seems like summer's almost over. We still have atleast one more big trip, we're going to Ocean Shores for Labor Day weekend. I'm very excited about that! Hope your summer's been as great as mine!

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