Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Need to Focus

Not much going on here lately. David's working and going to school, and since we only have one car right now I sometimes feel like I'm trapped in my own home. There's days on end where I don't leave my house, just the few steps out the door to get the mail or put something in the recycle. Its a little weird sometimes, and maybe a bit depressing too. I had a couple days last week where I was feeling really down. I woke up like "This is what I do EVERY day for the rest of my life?! I'm just going to clean my house, play with my kids, do whatever...for the rest of my LIFE?!" It wasn't a great feeling. The monotony, the lack of meaning, it was making me feel really bad. So then I started thinking: I need to stop worrying about everything I don't have or what I want and can't have and all the silly little things and start doing stuff for other people! You know that whole, 'charity never faileth' thing? Yeah, I'm going to try it. Sure I can't go out to a soup kitchen every night, nor can I donate thousands of dollars to a cause; but I CAN try to help people when I see there's a need. I can be a friend. I can come out of my comfort zone. Baby steps. I need a focus, and not on stupid stuff that I can't have anyway. And even though its a little bit difficult without a car to go out and DO stuff, I'm going to try and make the best out of the time I do have! Sooooo to make a long rant end: Here's to goals, and here's to being a better person! Cheers!

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LisaJones said...

Thanks for that! I've been feeling the same Way...this is my life: going from one crying baby to the next. I think you've got the right idea though. Service is the key.

Ransom and Brooke Young said...

You are the epitome of charity already!

Pogue Fam said...

Your amazing Melinda, really and truly. I totally understand the not leaving the house thing. Its been going on around here for me too... maybe we need a night out.