Monday, February 04, 2008

Crazy Life

I swear, I don't know why, but my life is crazy! :) This whole weekend through today is just not stop crazy! I worked all day friday, 6:45 in the morning, until 5:30 at night (I did have a break somewhere in there, but it sounds a lot more crazy without it!haha) So Friday night we went out to Wingers, yippee! It was fun because we ran into Mark and Carla and their Friday night buddies and got to say hello! (By the way, the manager there was quite rude, they told us there was a half hour wait, so we went out to the van since it was amazingly crowded, for ten minutes and by the time we came back in he's all, 'sorry, we tell people not to leave, we already called your name' I was super annoyed...) So anyway, Saturday is a blur, but I know somewhere in there we went to Home Depot and got a portable dishwasher!!! I'm SOOO excited, after almost four years of handwashing dishes, by Wednesday we won't have to anymore! (we sure aren't very smart if its taken us four years to figure this out, huh?) So I'm skipping yesterday, because this is taking forever, and todays what I really want to talk about!;)I know a lot of snow, Stake Conference and the Super Bowl are in there somewhere! So I get up for work this morning, and its been snowing here like crazy lately (I swear like a foot yesterday), I get the van going so it can defrost, get ready, and head out. Well, I get to the end of the driveway and spin, spin, spin. I'm completely stuck! I try backing up, I try turning this way and that, I try a lower gear, anything--nothing! I run back inside, get Dave and he's out there at 6:40, digging and pushing, for 20 minutes!! I'm crying, David's probably swearing (I could tell he was frustrated, as he was shoveling very furiously!), and I don't know what to do because I'm the one that gets to the daycare first to open everything up and I'm so afraid someone's there waiting to get in and I'm not there. Finally I have to call my boss, she comes to get me and I have to leave Dave to figure it out! (Also, I lost my shoe in the snow and my sock was all wet, part of the reason I was crying) So get to work, start setting everything up as fast as I can, luckily no one was there waiting, and I have a new girl to train which just means I do more work showing her what to do! On top of that we're supposed to do a fire drill once a month and we're a little late but it has to get done, so we get ready. We have six infants (don't worry they're all over one and can walk) to take out in the snow, usually we have a wagon to pull them in, but its full of snow, not that it would've mattered since none of the sidewalks were shoveled, so we're draggin these poor kids through the snow, and Sapphire (who's almost two) just collapses every time, we're like "get up and WALK!!" and she just falls on her face! It was so darn frustrating! One of the little girls is "sensitive" and just refused to go in the snow at all so we had to carry her, it was incredible! I could go on about how crazy it was, but you get the point! The rest of the day goes like this: I made an appointment to get my hair cut forgetting that I have a dr.'s appointment an hour later, so I have to reschedule the hair appt. :( for tomorrow. On the upside, the dr.'s appointment went well, its always fun to hear the heartbeat; but I had to make appointments for both the glucose test and the rhogam (sp?), which I'm not so excited about! Aaah, such is life--crazy life!

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Keith and Kerrilyn's Family of 4 said...

That is a pretty intense story. I thought for sure you were then going to say you were stuck on the tracks and a train came. I am so sorry you got stuck. I love the snow, but it can create a bit of havoc on day to day life that is for sure. I think I would have just pretended that we did the fire drill and called it good. What a trooper you are. At least it your day is close to over, I hope!!

Delee Cox said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! I'm so much better at keeping in touch with comments and posting then phone calls! Jim and Kay told me how to find you. Your family is adorable. Good luck with the pregnancy. I don't know how you do it. I feel so tierd lately! I hope to hear from you soon, my blog is
Miss you!