Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Darn I always forget my camera, it seems like I took a lot more pictures when I only had one kid! :) Valentine's Day was fun, it was the first time Bethany really got to do anything because they had a party at the daycare. Bethany loved the Valentine cards, she kept saying "everyone loves me! Look at all the hearts, they love me so much!" It was pretty funny! So they stuffed themselves with candy, and I did too! :D We were gonna all go out to dinner, but Dave's aunt (who lives next door) had her grandkids and they came and kidnapped our kids, which they loved. So we went out to dinner by ourselves!! What a concept huh?! It was fun for the girls, they played and made cookies and got hot dogs for dinner, it was great! Other than the hour wait at Chilli's, we had a great time too! Hope everyone else had a great Valentine's too!

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