Friday, July 11, 2008

Baseball and Water Games!

Yesterday was Dave's day off, so we decided every Thursday we would take the kids to the pool, they absolutely love it! After we got back from the pool, we had a message from Laina, come play in the sprinklers! Since we were already in swimsuits, we thought hey let's go have fun with all our friends too! The kids loved that as well, isn't summer nice to get together?! So here's some pictures from that, its been so wonderful being outside even thought its hot!

Wednesday we got a call from Carla asking if we wanted to go to a Bee's game, David was *super* excited (he even brought his mitt, what a dork! haha) and we all thought it would be fun to ride the tracks, Maddie loved the train. She kept saying "we're going fast"--it was way cute! It was a beautiful night and we had a great time, nothing compares to the atmosphere of a ballgame, so fun!

Even Sam watched for awhile!

Riding the tracks

Maddie and her best bud Mark, they're a pair!

Aidan working on that hot dog!

Getting a little bored

And he's OUT!

And just a side note, today I was putting a pillow on my couch and noticed something fly up to the side of the window, it looked weird so I took a closer look. It was a BAT! Isn't that so weird?!?! So my house is now officially very creepy! haha But we did get the coolest stroller, its called a sit 'n stand, you'll need one once you get past one or two kids, all three of mine fit in it and its quite awesome! So I took it to the mall today to have lunch with Dave, today was a nice day too! What a great week!

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Anne Corey said...

I love the pic of Sam all laid out. He's so cute. I can't believe how fast he's growing.

Anne Corey said...
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Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

Was the bat inside or outside of the house. If it was inside, you handled yourself very well. I am assuming since you didn't say you were jumping up and down screaming that it was outside.
The girls look cute riding Trax.

Lassen Family said...

Oh! I guess that did sound confusing, the bat was OUTSIDE! Yes, if it was inside I'm sure it would have been a post all to itself, with a great story involved! haha

Youngblood4ever said...

Love the pictures. The kids are so cute in all of them. I love going to the Bees games. The last time we went Jacob got a bat from a member of the opposing team (he didn't care who it was from- he was just excited to be getting a "real bat" as he put it).

What did you do with the bat??? I need the end of the story. If I am going to ever come over again I need to know that it is no longer residing in your abode.

Lassen Family said...

Oh no, the bat was never "residing in my abode" haha! I just was by the window and saw something flying outside, but it looked strange so I went to the window to take a closer look and it was a bat. It flew away toward the back of our property, it probably lives in our chicken coop, which is creepy just in itself! Weird though huh?

sherbugs said...

I really want a slip and slide for adults, the kids look like they had so much fun. The caption over Sammy is the best. I've wanted a sit and stand, but never find one when I'm looking, I've heard they are awesome. Can both girls stand on the back with the baby in the stroller? Is it hard to push with them there? Hmmmm, maybe I just need to go shopping again.

Lassen Family said...

Sam sits in the front, then there's a little seat right behind it where Maddie sits, and Bethany stands behind Maddie. Although both of the girls can sit together on the seat too! I don't think its hard to push, have you ever used a regular double stroller? WAY harder to push! We got ours at Target, if you want to know! :)

Bret Bushman Family said...

I would not have been calm if I had seen that bat, looks like the
Bee's game was fun Carla and Mark are fun to be with.
Your kids are so cute, love the pictures on the side of your blog