Friday, July 18, 2008

Heber Valley

Last night was our last night of Camp, I was so happy I could go back up and visit again. I was up there from about 4 until around 11:30, it was a long time to be away but really worth it to spend time with the girls and participate in our testimony meeting. The first few pictures are of the beautiful-ness of Heber Valley via Erica. Then there's pictures of the chicken contest, you can tell which ones those are by the flapping arms. Then some random pics and we had a dance-off which was hysterical, and there's a few pics from that! I wish I could have stayed the whole week, the setting is amazing and the feeling is even more! But I am thankful I could go at all, the little time I was there was awesome!! I wish I could put up all the pictures, but there's like 300 I think! One of the best parts of the night though (that I was too emotional to take pictures of!) was the Stake gave out a new award this year, one in memory of Jolyn. Pres. Sermon talked for a little bit,and then they had Ron come up and present it to Meg Rodeback (sp?) who has a kidney disease, it was so beautiful! I loved it!

The judges for the rooster crowing contest!

Showing the Bishop some love!

Dance contest--Brenna was hysterical!

Singing our Camp Song at the end of the devotional, it was so special!

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