Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Wow! What a week we've had--and it's just getting started!
It would take too long to tell you all the fun stuff we've been up to, I'll try to be brief! Monday morning: David, Bethany, David's dad and I all hiked up to Timp Cave. That hike is insane! Bethany did fantastic, I was so proud of her! She hiked the entire way up! Anyway, unfortunately I forgot my camera and am still sorrowing over all the missed photo opportunities, it was gorgeous up there!
Tuesday: Seven Peaks! I'd never been there before, so glad we got to go. The kids LOVED it!! These first pictures are from that.
Wednesday: We went up to Temple Square and watched the Joseph Smith movie, I bawled like always! It was good to do that, I'm glad we did. Last night we also went to Dave's Aunt's for dinner, it was a ton of food! The next set of pictures are from Temple Square.

Riding the trax!

Enjoying beautiful Temple Square!

I have a bunch more pictures of other stuff, but they're on my other camera and I haven't gotten around to uploading those! The next few days will be crazy with all the family reunion stuff coming up. Look forward to the posts that will include: bowling, line dancing, hula hooping, water melon spitting, bubble gum blowing, face painting and so on! I know you're all super excited!

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