Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, this is my one hundredth post, exciting huh? And supposedly the tradition is to post 100 things about me. Are you so stoked?! I know you are. Don't lie to yourself. We'll see how long this takes me, hopefully it won't be too hard...or embarrassing.
Here goes:
1. The first thing you need to know about me is, I'm sensitive. My mom always said I was "tender hearted". That was her way of putting a good spin on it. But no, I'm sensitive, I cry at commercials. COMMERCIALS people! I even tear up just when I'm really happy, like if I've had a hard time with someone and they're being really nice, I get teary-eyed just talking to them! So if you ever see me tear up, just ignore it. I can't help it, I have overactive tear ducts okay?!
2. I love my family! I love my kids and my husband but I also totally love my parents and my siblings and Dave's parents and siblings, and aunts and uncles and cousins. I LOVE my family, they're just to fun!
3. I hate math. I mean it, I'm really stupid at math. Like 2 plus 2....duhhhh. I think I was traumatized as a child, maybe I had a really horrible teacher or something. Yes, I'm totally shifting the blame to someone besides me.
4. People confuse me. I'm constantly trying to read people, 'why did they say that?' 'why would they do THAT?!' and it constantly never occurs to me that most people don't have that deep of intentions for what they do.
5. I still laugh at 'potty' language. I'm sorry but toot and fluff and poopy and farkle (although this isn't a potty word) are funny sounding and I'm immature, so I laugh.
6. I've never broken a bone, knock on wood or maybe bone stuff...
7. But I have had a LOT of stitches, like 20+, and I have dislocated my knee like 6 or 8 times. Darn those knee exercises I didn't do!
8. I can do the woodchuck voice, and so can Dave, I knew we were meant to be because of that.
9. I was really blond as a kid, really! And I've always wished I still was.
10. I would never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, because like the owl, I always bite. But I'm sure after more than three licks.
11. I actually don't care about being in my twenties and would rather be in my thirties or older.
12. I don't understand how I can be so much like my mom and so different at the same time. How does that work?
13. Sometimes when I'm singing I pretend I'm auditioning for American Idol and I try to figure out what song I would actually want to perform for the judges.
14. I was REALLY scared I would look like a man when I cut my hair short, but now I'm so glad I did it.
15. When I turned 14 I started going to church dances and I didn't stop until about the time I started dating my husband, I loved it so much, my Bishop extended it out 6 months after my eighteenth birthday. I LOVE to dance!
16. When I do housework I turn music on and dance like I used to, and then wonder if someone looked through my window right then if they would be horrified at what they saw.
17. I love video games, I have since I was pretty young. When me and Dave started dating I challenged him to Mortal Combat and kicked his butt. Dave does NOT rock the game world.
18. Speaking of rocking, I ROCK at Guitar Hero. I know this because it says I do after every song. Besides the fact that I can play on hard. Challenge me sometime, I'd love to play!
19. Probably most everyone knows this, but its something about me. I got engaged the night before I graduated and married five months later. David and I only dated for like six weeks. Sometimes I wonder how crazy that came off to people around me.
20. For #20, I turned 20 two months after having my first baby. (So technically I was a statistic for teen pregnancy.)
21. I love all sorts of music, Queen has been a long time favorite, ask my parents I used to play them SO loud in high school. Also love old Michael Jackson, ya know when he was sort of black. And not so creepy. Still a little creepy, but not SO creepy. I also love Regina Spektor, and a ton of others. Music makes me feel good!
22. I used to wear white eyeliner when I was in jr. high. WHITE, thats horrid.
23. I'm loud. When I was a teenager, my dad worked graveyard so he slept during the day and he always knew when I was home from school. He said my voice was piercing.
24. My 24th birthday was my "special" b-day because I was born on the 24th, so my sister bought tickets for us to go to the Excalibur and do the The Tournament of the Kings, it was so awesome! We ate food with our hands.
25. I LOVE shoes, I mean I really truly love shoes. I wish I could buy any pair of shoes that caught my fancy, but I also believe shoes are way too expensive. Mostly because I can't afford to buy all the ones I like.
26. I'm an idea stealer. I'm one of those ladies that goes to a boutique and sees all the cute stuff but never buys it and instead rips off the idea and makes it myself. Wow, I'm sure that was not at all grammatically correct. sorry.
27. I hate it when people try to put you down to make themselves feel better, or just try to make you look stupid over something trivial.
28. I also hate nuts, any kind. (as in peanuts, not crazy people. Although...)
29. Secretly (although not now huh?) I really wish one of my kids looked a bunch like me, instead of the spitting image of my husband.
30. I'm artsy fartsy (hehe fartsy...I told you!), I like to paint and draw and I still really love just to color. In fact, my kids don't even like to color with me because they get done in all of two seconds and want to turn the page and I'm all "I'm not done!!"
31. I love hide and seek. When Dave and I first got married I used to make him play all the time, in our tiny one bedroom apartment. I rocked. One time at my sister's we all played (the kids didn't even play, just us adults) and I hid in her vanity in her bathroom. No one could find me, it was awesome!
32. I like games. But only with fun people. Games are meant to be FUN, not to see who's better, smarter, cooler. So if we can't laugh and be stupid and bend the rules, its not so fun.
33. I like making up words. There's how many words in the English language? (I have no clue, maybe I'll google that) But I still find some words lacking what I need. Don't make fun of me if I say "quillish" or "froompy" and make little hand gestures to help make my point. It works for me.
34. I love girly movies. When I saw The Notebook the first time, I BAWLED. Like sobbed. Then I had to ask David if he loved me like that, would he die with me?!?! Would he stay with me even if I didn't remember him?! (sorry for spoiling that if you haven't seen it.)
35. I like a good debate. Well, to clarify, I like to debate if I actually know something about it. I'm not about to go into something to look like an idiot and be made fun of. Because you know people still point at you and say "Neener neener, Melinda's a ......" I'll let you make up your own ending. By the way, David would say I like a good argument and that I always have to win.
36. I hate sleep. I mean it! I find no joy or pleasure in sleeping, I find it a humongous waste of time and if I could find something like in Meet the Robinsons (where she has the caffeine patch and she hasn't slept in so many days), I would do it!
37. I have a big strawberry birthmark that takes up most of my left shoulder and some spots down my arm; and I can't tell you how many times someones said "Oh! What happened to your arm!?!" And most men when I tell them will say "Heh. Heh. You should say your husband beats you. Heh." Really.
38. Sometimes I watch Michael Jackson music videos and practice the dance moves, because seriously he's amazing. And you never know when you're gonna need some smokin dance moves.
39. Sometimes when I introduce myself, they ask me if I said Wanda. WANDA! Do people name their children Wanda anymore? Do I look like a Wanda? But no kidding this has happened to me quite a lot.
40. I started babysitting when I was twelve and have never really stopped. Be it my own children or someone else's.
41. I have some sort of phone issue. It gives me anxiety. I can't quite clarify all the details of it. But unless I know you pretty well or if I'm in a good mood, I don't really like answering the phone. Ask my mom, when I was a Junior, I had to call a lady I'd known since I was eight for a favor and I was so nervous I had to write down every word I was going to say. Had to do this as an adult as well. I know its pathetic. Don't judge me. But also don't be offended if I don't answer the phone.
42. I love sweets. Especially ice cream. Oh, and especially chocolate. Oh and especially donuts. Oh and.......
43. I love reading, its like a great little escape, except I totally neglect my family if its a really good book.
44. I really really hate it when you're out in public and people stop right in front of you, or they going really slow and won't get out of your way! I HATE that!
45. I talk outloud a lot when I'm driving. Mostly saying people are idiots among other things.
46. I like saying idiot and shut up. Against everything my mother taught me.
47. I have perfect vision. Perfect! Atleast I can claim one thing.
48. I truly love photography and secretly wish I could do someone's wedding, but also NOT because that would terrify me if I ruined their pictures. I also wish I could take some photography classes and get some more equipment.
49. I'm a night owl, I can stay up really late and (in general) not get cranky, I mostly just get sillier and sillier. If I'm really tired, you never know whats gonna come out of my mouth.
50. I am NOT a morning person, and it irritates me if someone is too chipper in the morning. Which is sad for Bethany because she so is.
51. I've always liked people of different ages, I was never friends with just kids my age. For instance, when I was five or so, one of my best friends was a widow down the street and I loved visiting her. I'm an old soul I guess.
52. I hate it when people say "Ohhh, you're so young!" Hey, I've worked hard to be where I am and you don't know what kind of experiences I've had, and technically my spirit could be older than yours. ;) Besides, it never comes off as a compliment, more of a derogatory thing.
53. I hate money. Not because I don't have any (well that too) but it just causes so many problems. I would be totally happy if we could all just share our talents and help eachother. That would be heaven. Heh, thats true.
54. When I was in sixth grade I cut my hair REALLY short, and not in a cute way. I looked pretty much like my brother. And I got made fun of a lot.
55. Hearing my kids laugh for the first time makes me happier than I can explain, its a wonderful sound.
56. I love the ocean and plan someday on learning how to surf. How awesome would I be then?!
57. I can type pretty fast, and a lot of times if I'm just sitting somewhere I type whatever I hear in my head. (like a tv show, or talks at church)
58. I can stick my feet behind my head.
59. I really love blogging and stalking other people's blogs. I'm not sure why, but I find a lot of joy in it.
60. When I'm pregnant I have the weirdest dreams! Like I'm beating people up all the time, or someone's trying to hurt me so I punch them a LOT, or someone's breaking into my house, so I shoot them. I know. Its weird.
61. I'm aggressive, but only in my own mind. I think about standing up to rude people, or saying something back, or yes, even punching someone. But not in a million years would I ever do it. I cannot stand confrontation, although I think about it a lot.
62. I can play the piano, although not very well. And don't ask me to accompany you because I will blow it every time. Ask the Young Women.
63. I had a conversation with some Young Women last night and they were talking about what it would be like to not be a member, and they sometimes wondered where they'd be without the gospel. And it made me realize, I have never thought about not being a member, not even tried to picture it. Never. I'm trying right now, and I still can't do it.
64. For my mom, I do check my tissue after I blow my nose. I don't know why, I just have to look to see what was in there. (she thought that was gross when I posted that before) :)
65. I'm naive, I don't know a lot about a lot of stuff. I like to think I was sheltered or something, but maybe I just don't grasp things very well. I think I'm starting to, but I'm not sure...
66. Sometimes when we're driving for a long time, I stare at myself in the side view mirror. I think I'm prettier in that mirror. Is that conceited?
67. I don't like bananas, I haven't eaten one willingly in like fifteen years.
68. I want to travel all over the world someday. I just love nature and beautiful things and I want to see them in person.
69. I love babies, but strangely I don't love being pregnant.
70. I'm awful when I'm pregnant. Like a raving lunatic. I can't control myself at all, and I'm very impatient and mean. Its horrible for my family, I know.
71. I have bad circulation. My feet are always cold and winter time is scary and painful if I don't keep my feet warm enough.
72. I also have low blood pressure. When I was like eleven our old neighbor guy was trying to take my blood pressure and was like "Are you breathin'?!" (he was a farmer type-o-guy, so say that with a farmer accent, if you can imagine one)
73. I try to give myself credit for being a good person, but I think there's some glitch in my brain that won't let me like myself for more than two seconds.
74. Sometimes I mentally ream myself for being so annoying and idiotic after talking to someone. 'Why oh WHY did you say that?! Why do you laugh like that, that has to be the most annoying sound in the universe!!' Yes, I really do that. (and I'm not saying that for you to feel sorry for me, its just something I do)
75. My left ear piercing is ripped, so when I wear earrings its lower than the other side.
76. I used to want to be a model. Okay I still do, I just think it would be so cool!
77. I've always wanted me kids to be Anne Geddes models.
78. I could kiss baby cheeks and hands and arms all day, they taste so good!
79. And I could smell baby's all day too, unless its spit up.
80. I want five kids, and I would really like twins next. Aren't I so selfish? Like you can just request these things!
81. I love to laugh! Like roll on the floor, till your stomach hurts, eyes watering, can't even hear the noise of it you're laughing so hard, kind of laughing!
82. I'm morbid. I picture bad things happening all the time. Like when my kids are playing on the swing set, I picture them falling and snapping their necks, and then have to figure out whats the best way to handle that. I tell myself I'm just preparing myself for the worst, but thats sick. I also find humor in dark things. But I'm from Washington so I have an excuse.
83. When I hear people say "Let's go see Grandma!" it makes my heart ache that my kids can't see their Grandma's whenever they want.
84. I used to LOVE Doritos, I thought they were the best thing EveR!
85. Most of my favorite candy involves peanut butter and chocolate.
86. My Grandpa used to buy the Costco boxes of M&M's and fruit snacks to make sure we'd come visit him every day. And oh yes, we did.
87. When he'd have peanut M&M's (note I don't like peanuts) I would suck the chocolate off and spit them out for the dog to eat. (Disgusting much? yes.)
88. Pretty much every heredity disorder in my family I have, except for bad vision.
89. The only experience I have in college is an early childhood education class I took when I was pregnant with Bethany.
90. I would give the middle toe on my right foot to own a house right now. I mean it! Who needs that toe anyway?! Maybe I'd sculpt a prosthetic toe as a replacement.
91. How can you grow up and mature so much, but still be the same as you always were? Sometimes I ponder deep things...
92. I sleep better if I've read my scriptures, it never fails if I forget to read that I have a terrible night.
93. I love lightning storms, they're exciting. And I love it when the power goes out and you have to light candles to see. There's something very good about having all the power off and going back to basics.
94. I have a thing for coats, especially peacoats. I love them!
95. If I could shop at only one place I would probably pick the clothes from Victoria's Secret. I don't care about lingerie, have you seen their clothes?! They're adorable! (I don't mean the hoochy ones)
96. I really like the outdoors, I like going to the park, I like camping, I like swimming, I like boating, I like hiking (well, slowly), and I like exploring. I like it all even better with a camera, but I really like being outside.
97. I want to learn how to sew and to design clothes, I think that would be so fantastic!
98. I wish I was witty and a fast thinker. But as it is, someone says something funny and I usually laugh and repeat what they said that was funny.
99. I have strong willpower. I will not let myself give up. I must keep going! Just do it! Even when I want to stop, I usually don't. Thats not always the case, but I try.
100. And the last thing you need to know about me? Hmmmm, I guess that really I'm trying to be a good person. I want to do whats right, and sometimes I fail. But sometimes I don't and thats a good thing. I try to forgive people and get over things, even if it takes me a long time and I just really want to friends and be happy and not have all the drama. I just want things to be good!

Well, you're a trooper for reading this whole thing. I give you major kudos! I hope you learned something about me, and hopefully you still like me. But if not, then I don't like you either! (sticks out tongue) Just kidding! :) Oh, and thanks for sticking with me through 100 posts! You rock! (Just like in Guitar Hero! Yay!)

7 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Delee said...

Thanks for giving me something to read while I was nursing. Although Elle was pretty distracted by me laughing.
Oh, and I did think you were crazy when you got married. And now that know Dave I know you're crazy! Just Kidding :) And don't worry about the white eye liner, I did it too......

sherbugs said...

I read the whole thing, but I don't rock on guitar hero. I have to play on easy and kick my kids out of the room and make sure my finger are warmed up...oh, let's face it, I stink. Have you ever tried rock band? I loved reading your 100 things and learned a lot, remind me not to meet you in dark alley, just in case you decide to go all mortal combat on me! Congrats on 100 posts and I'm excited to read the next 100.

Youngblood4ever said...

Wanda, I mean Melinda... heehee (okay, so I make myself laugh). Did you really do the white eyeliner? Do you have pictures? I'd love to see that. By the way, I watched the Notebook this morning while I was folding laundry and I still bawl like a baby at that movie. I love your blog. Keep up the great work... looking forward to 100 more.

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall in your head during the times when you are getting mad at yourself. And I am curious, why does the car side mirror make you look prettier. I think you are just gorgeous, so that mirror must make you pretty dang HOT!! I'm going to try that, but with my luck it will make me uglier.

Lassen Family said...

Aahhhh, thanks guys, I'm glad you're not trying to avoid me now that you know what really goes on in my head! haha Julie, now I'll have to look through pictures, but I'm pretty sure I have proof of the eyeliner. Delee, you're right I am crazy!! Man! Sheri, yes I've played rock band, I like Guitar Hero better, don't know why. And if you met me in a dark alley, I would be the one hiding behind a garbage can trying not to wet my pants. Kerr, you wouldn't want to be in my head, its a dark, scary place. Haha Are you kidding me?! You always look gorgeous! Seriously.

Ryan and Heather Bartron said...


It was so fun to read all these cute things about you. I totally know what you mean about the phone thing, I hate talking on the phone (especially to people I don't know) and I would just like to admit that I think I look so gorgeous in the side view mirror of the car. I do that all the time! We should definitely get together now that we are in Bountiful.

P.S. Chocolate and Peanut Butter is the BEST!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel like I know you so well. Thanks for the long blog, it gave me something to do at work. I mean at 7a.m. in the mornign, there aren't many 911 callers. I can't picture the white eyeliner though.