Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Peak into the Mind of a Crazy Person OR This is Why I shouldn't Blog Late at Night

I'm addicted to blogging. I try to keep it under control, ya know so I'm not posting every hour about silly random whatever kind of things. But sometimes its really hard! I think about different subjects or stories I could blog about all the time. And on the way home from church tonight, I knew I just had to blog about tonight.

What happened tonight that must be told? Only the most fun to disappointing to annoying to terrifying night I've had in a long while!!! Got ya hooked now huh? Or maybe you've just gone through all the emotions I just stated and are now under your bed...who knows?

Anyway, its Tuesday. So that means its Mutual night and I'm at the church with all the Young Women, and occasionally Young Men. Tonight was one of those occasions. The Laurels wanted to do an "Iron Chef" sort of competition against the Priests (they're all about doing stuff with the Priests ya know). Which sounded really fun, until I had to figure out how to pick all of the ingredients and what they should be and any recipes and go buy everything.... A little stressful, but I decided instead of cooking dinner type meals we would do desserts. Because I like desserts. And I don't care if its their activity, I wanted desserts.

So got that worked out, and we got cooking. I cheated and had the recipe all picked out that I wanted to do, that I thought would totally blow the boys away. They threw every single ingredient into a big slop of a mess. I was so happy, there was no way we couldn't win! Guess what, we didn't win. :( Very sad I was. (I speak Yoda-ism's when I'm that disappointed).

I'm okay with losing, truly. (Not truly, but I can deal) But I don't like losing when the other person is really rude about it. I'm good with teasing, teasing is great (sometimes its not). But the two boys who were the "head" chefs, both separately came up to me and said "Being totally unbiased, I just have to tell you, I completely think ours was way better than yours." TOTALLY UNBIASED?! How??!?! You just can't be when you're the cook, DUH! So I went from disappointed to completely annoyed. I wanted to punch someone in the nose, or shove my fork in their eye. Is that wrong? Maybe I shouldn't work with the youth....

I got over it quickly by stuffing my face with the fabulous dessert WE made (there's really did suck. sticking my tongue out). So we start cleaning up, and some of those Priests redeemed themselves by helping to wash dishes and sweep and stuff. I like those boys. (I really truly honestly love all the boys, they're great, just dumb teenagers sometimes....don't release me...please..) I start loading up my van and forget that I left the side door open while I go back to cleaning. After everyone leaves I lock up and go out to see the lights on and my van door open. The first thing I think of isn't that my battery might die or anything like that. The first thing I think of is: Oh man! What if some transient killer that's on the loose snuck in my van and is going to kill me! Crap.

I'm serious people. I was terrified. The entire way home I had my cell phone out ready to call Dave, hoping I would have enough time to just say "call 911!!" before the killer got to me. I also found a teaspoon I had stuck in my pocket and had it out and ready to jab into said killer's neck if he came at me. I know its ridiculous, but every time I had myself just about convinced that I shouldn't be scared, I would look into my rear view mirror and picture a dark outline rising up from behind the seat coming for me. I had knots in my stomach the whole forty five seconds it takes to get home. I could seriously taste the bile in my throat, I was so scared I could've thrown up.

Does it end there? You're wishing I'm sure--but NO! There is more! I start unloading the van, go inside and come back out. Somethings not right, its different. The light turned out. I don't know about you, but in my mini-van the light stays on when the door is open, but there's a cool feature or something that doesn't drain your battery. Anyway, the light was out. I shut the door and open it again to see if the light will come back on. It doesn't. I'm freaking out. Hyperventilating really. Maybe not really hyperventilating, but staggered breathing we'll say. Anyway, the only way to turn the light off is on the dash, you have to turn this knob thing to make them go off. Someones seriously messing with my head or something. I mess with the knob thingy and the lights still won't come on. I try to hurry and unload the rest of the stuff, but I made sure I grabbed my heavy duty whisk to beat someone with if they came close enough. I was pretty jumpy, any noises were making me almost wet my pants. Where's my husband you ask? Oh, he's inside watching TV, don't worry about him.

Finally I get all the stuff out and shut the door. I turn around, and somethings not right. The light is back on!! Oh yeah, I know you're seriously creeped out now right?!?! I open the door and the car starts dinging like there's keys left in there or something. It was so weird. I turn the knob thingy again, and the lights are normal now. It was so strange and creepy, I have to say I scurried into the house as fast as I could. And locked the van from the window using the remote button. Then locked the door. And shut the blinds. And ran in to David to tell him how creeped out I was. He made fun of me.

So anyway, that was my fun/disappointing/annoying/terrifying night for you. I bet you won't be able to sleep now. I know I won't be able to. That's why I'm still up. Picturing killers sneaking up behind me while I type this. Help me..... (said in a far away fading to a whisper kind of voice)

By the way, milk hasn't been tasting as good to me lately. I love milk, but the last week or so, drinking a big tall glass of yummy milk, hasn't tasted so yummy. Why is that? I know this has nothing to do with anything, I just thought I would share. Has anyone else outgrown milk? Or does this go away, I miss the milk.

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maybe you're pregnant;)

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

Of course Dave was inside, where else would he be. After your scare on your hike did you even think for a second he would be of any help? That is very weird about the van. Maybe you should call Ghost Hunters out and they could do a reading on the van. As for the activity. I thought the girls desert was better, but I do have to say the boys was pretty good too. Sorry that one of the said RUDE boys happened to be one of my own. Don't hold it against me.

Lassen Family said...

Kristie, thats not even funny.

Kerr, I'm really not mad at the boys at all!! (not anymore atleast) It was fun, whats a competition without a loser? I was just hoping the loser would be the boys.... haha You probably only chose the girls because you know I'd kill you, I totally bullied you into it! Thanks though! haha :D
I'll get right on the Ghost Hunters to check it out!

also known as shell said...

Okay how in the world did they win? Who were the judges?

What did you make? So I can live vicariously through you and pretend like I'm eating it.

And its not something to feel dorky about A transiet was in my sisters car once and scared the LIVING crap out of her!!! When she pulled over he jumped out thank goodness. So definatly I would have freaked too!

Lassen Family said...

the judges were some old people in our ward who were cleaning the building, and my 2nd counselor (she's awesome, and picked ours to win). I say it was wrong to let the old people choose (how offensive am I to be calling them old people?! No wonder I didn't win!) because who knows how well there taste buds work?! haha We made these Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Brownies, from Picky Palate. They were amazing. I loved them. (The boys really wasn't bad, it was just a bunch of stuff thrown together, it was crazy!)

Delee said...

You're so funny, Melinda. I love it! I miss you so much!

also known as shell said...

i just tagged you