Monday, September 15, 2008

What a Weekend!

This weekend was quite different from most weekends we have, it was still great, but still different! So, Saturday...well no, I need to go back a few weeks ago to really explain this right. A few weeks ago I had a dream about a friend of mine I hadn't seen in like six years. He's a friend of mine on Facebook, so I wrote to him and asked him if he was still down here. (I knew he'd been going to school at BYU, but sometimes he heads back up to Washington to visit or whatnot) So, I find out he is down here and I ask him if he'd like to get together. Just to let you know, this guy was one of my very best friends as a teenager, I can honestly say he is one of the nicest people I have ever known, and sadly I've let myself not keep in touch. Anyway, we made some plans to meet up. That happened Saturday. I was so excited with the fact of seeing him I didn't even stop to think what it would be like, well, until Saturday morning. Then I got really really nervous, just because I wasn't sure what it was going to be like. Would it be awkward? Would my kids weird him out? Would he think I look SOOO different? etc. etc. Well, the time came and what do you think happened? HE COMPLETELY STOOD ME UP!!! Not really, I'm just kidding ya! :)
It was great! Well, overall it was great. I guess just seeing him and reconnecting was great. Things that weren't so great? It was a little awkward. My kids were insane. They kept crawling all over the chairs and running around, and then they'd run up and punch me or smack me or hit me in some way. Nice. Then I said something to Bethany, like "Is your soda all gone?" and she gets all embarassed and starts crying! CRYING! Have you ever dealt with an embarassed crying five year old?!?! They try and push you out of your seat to hid behind you, all the while you're holding the baby so there's no way you can hold them, and they shouldn't be crying in the first place! On top of that, Sam decides to poo through the back of his shirt (hasn't done that in months!) while I'm holding him, so it gets all over my WHITE shirt! Oh yeah, great impression don't ya think? My face was like permanently scarlet the whole time. I really am so glad to have seen him, hopefully it wasn't too awful for him, I'm sure he would never say so, but man, I was feeling like if anything's was gonna go wrong, everything did! So there's Saturday for ya. Sunday was interesting too. David is currently working for Mr. Mac, its a suit company here in Utah, for those of you that didn't know. He loves it there, and its right up his alley, as David likes to look fairly dapper. :) Well, last night was a company party (since Sunday is the only day the store is closed, so everyone can actually be there), they had Olive Garden and wonderful desserts, the food was awesome. They're handing out $50 dollar gift cards to Costco or Wal-Mart to every person, the guy had a stack of 'em! They start giving out awards. They're a pretty fun-lovin group of guys, I can totally understand why Dave likes it there! Its pretty awesome to work for good members of the church, where you start a company party with a prayer! They call the awards the "Macademy Awards", and they are the silliest, cleverest awards, I laughed so hard, it was hillarious! David's award is pretty cute, but it was a last minute change, I'm really curious what award he was originally supposed to get. But his award was "Most Romantic Husband"! hahahaha Not that Dave isn't romantic, just thats pretty funny! I guess when I came into the store yesterday (we were meeting up with my friend there at the mall), David said "Here comes the most beautiful girl in the world." And I guess a customer heard him and commented how sweet that was or something. So they gave Dave that award, so we walked away with two free movie tickets! Whoo hoo! Along with a Costco giftcard--SCORE! All in all, besides not knowing anyone and trying to remember like fifty names, it was a really cool night! I feel really blessed that Dave is working for such a great company who truly care abou their employees and what they do. Pretty cool.

Just wanted to add this little clip from the Today show, its about the woman I talked about in the last post, just to give you a little information. Click this link. But now, I'm going to take her example, and do something fun with my kids! Bye!

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also known as shell said...

We're twinners! Yay! I've always wanted a twin :) Lets start cordinating shirts cause I think I have a white shirt with throw up stains on it and you can wear your poopy white shirt.

Oh and I thought that was rad about the Macadamy Awards! It reminded me a little of The Dundees :)