Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My stomach's been really upset lately. And by upset, I mean intense, doubled over, can't stand up straight, gonna hurl kind of pains. They were really bad last week, but they've gotten better the last day or two. I hadn't thought much past "Wow, this SUCKS!" to think about why I'm having these pains until Bethany said something. I told her she absolutely HAD to pick up the tornado of a bedroom she claims as her own, and she said "Oh man, my stomach hurts SO bad, I don't think I can do it." That kid would do anything to get out of cleaning her room. (In fact, she just came out sniffeling saying how much she misses daddy. rolling eyes.) So, I'm thinking, see if you can keep up now, that the stomach pains are coming from an internal desire of not wanting to go to work? OR, and I'm really leaning towards this one, maybe I have an alien inside me, like this:

Either way, I hope the pains stop soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed alrighty?

Other tidbits of information you can't live without? Sam had his four month appointment today. He's almost 15 pounds now! Wow right?! My girls' weigh that closer to a year than at four months! The doctor said he thinks he's perfect, but he says that to everyone, although I whole heartedly agree. Don't you?!

More random nuggets of wisdom? Well, since I don't have any wisdom, I'll pass along some things I ponder occasionally:

*Why does our trash stink SO bad?! I know we put diapers in there, but still, THAT bad! How is it possible?!
*If I line the inside of the garbage with chocolate, would my house smell fantastic, or would that also start to smell horrific like the rest of the trash?
*When I'm at the computer, why do my kids feel the need to be right there? I mean there's the whole room, let alone the whole house, but they have to be there leaning on me and touching me and pushing on me! WHY?!
*Who is it that teaches kids how to tatttle? I want to know and follow that person around all day tattling, they'll go mad in a matter of minutes, I'm positive.
*Why do kids save up their poo to do it right before the doctor comes in the office? Twice now, guys, TWICE, Maddie's pooed at the dr.'s, its not embarrassing or anything though...
*Lastly, why oh WHY do I love being a mom so much? With all the stink and the poo and the tattling and the crying?! Oh, I know, because its wonderful! :) (Not the stinky stuff, the being a mom part! haha)

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Shane & Laina said...

I loved this post!!! You are too funny. As for the alien in your stomach...good luck with that one. I loved the update.

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

I am placing a wager on your stomach pains as TRAPPED GAS!!! I know...gross, but seriously.....I think you just need to let a few rip. As for the tattling.....who knows, but we should string them up by their toes and then shoot bamboo shoots up their fingernails.

Lassen Family said...

Haha Laina, you would know more about alien's in stomachs right? Ha! Kerrilyn, oh I've tried. I would agree with you more, if it wasn't such a nausous feeling, I just feel like throwing up, and my head starts throbbing. Does gas do that to you?

Melain said...

For sure it's an alien. That totally happened to me once.

Pogue Fam said...

So I am SOOO with you on the "kids leaning on me" thing. Zoe just has to climb on me and follows me around the house.... but personally I DONT even think I'm that fun to be around! Give me my space child!!!... but yes, even with all the crazy things we put up with, being a mom is great :)