Friday, January 30, 2009

Bethany Lee

Today is my girl's 6th birthday! I just can't believe how fast the time has gone. I know everyone says that, but truly I can't believe that the time is gone already. It makes me feel a little weepy thinking how fast the last six years went, soon she'll be twelve and then twenty four...
Being the first of my kids, Bethany gets the best and worst of both worlds. She will always be special because she is the first, and got to be the only one with me for three whole years. But I'm also harder on her because she's the oldest, I make all the mistakes on her. (Maybe not all, but most...) But despite all my faults, she is wonderful! It was really fun going back through and looking at these pictures, made me all sentimental. I thought about sharing my birth story with you, but instead I'd like to share some things about Bethany.
*She's very maternal. She LOVES babies and loves to help take care of people. She doesn't like it when people hurt other's and she's always there to make you feel better.
*She wants to be a good friend. It hurts her when someone says they don't want to play with her, and she's ecstatic when she gets to play with friends.
*She's a drama queen! This kid can go from hysterical laughter to hysterics in the blink of an eye. Atleast we know she's passionate!
*She loves being a big sister and is a BIG help to mom. She can help change diapers, she loves to help cook dinner, she loves to help! (most of the time...)
*She's a smarty pants. She loves to learn and read and write, she does so well in school and loves being there.
*Bethany got glasses when she was three years old. She started crossing one eye and we thought that was a little weird. Come to find out, she has terrible vision! So glasses she got, and she never takes them off, even when she was three we didn't have to fight her to wear them. She's never lost a pair and she's never broken any.
*She's never broken any bones or had stitches. (Knock on wood!) Despite the vision problems, she's always been pretty timid and hasn't been reckless enough to get majorly hurt!
*Bethany ADORES both sets of grandparents AND great-grandparents. When they come to visit she HAS to sleep with them. Luckily they don't mind so much! ;)

Well, here's some pictures through the years, not in any special order. Hope you enjoy them atleast a little bit as much as I did!

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Kerrilyn said...

I love the picture in the tub with her looking through the star. And of course I love the one in the red shoes. She is so cute. Happy Birthday Bethany!

Shane & Laina said...

I can't believe she's six either...time really is flying. Great pictures! Happy birthday Bethany!

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Thank you so much for sharing. She is such a sweetheart and I love the picture of you holding her. Wow, she had a lot of hair. It makes me think how fast my two little ones will grow.

Have fun today! HAPPYT BDAY Bethany!

Delee said...

She's 6 years old!!! You know what that means... you're getting old! ;)

Happy Birthday, Bethany!


Oohhh, I LOVE her! What a big girl, she is such a fun kid, and by the way...I still say she looks like you and all those pictures prove it! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! We love you!