Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sam the Man!

I keep meaning to get the pictures from New Year's off my camera, but I haven't. I keep meaning to clean my house, but I haven't. I keep meaning to shower, but....
Just kidding! Really this is just to say I have pictures from New Year's Eve but you'll have to wait a little longer to see them. So instead, I have a post about Sam! I feel like I don't talk about Sam enough, and I wouldn't want you to think I neglect him or anything--because I don't! :)
Sam's been so funny lately, he'll be 8 months in just a week or so, and all of a sudden he's got opinions! He wants this, he wants that, he throws fits when he doesn't get what he wants NOW! He is also very...hmmmm...athletic! Yes, athletic! The boy's been crawling for awhile now, and now he can stand up all by himself without holding on to anything! He also is doing the walking along furniture thing, by nine months I promise you he'll be walking by himself! He also can say "Da da" but of course he doesn't say "ma ma", only "phlllbbbbbbbbb". I'll end this little update with a story and a video: last night I was in a very silly mood, and I was cleaning the house to loud music. The kids and I were dancing all around the house, and like I said I was being silly, dancing crazy and jumping around--mostly because Sam loved it, but also because I was just being silly! :) So after a minute of me dancing around Sam, he started rocking back and forth to the beat, it was so cute! I promise you he's never done that before, so I know it was real dancing! ;) And here's a video of it for proof:

(sorry about my loud annoying voice, but he is so cute don't you think?)

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Doesn't that kid ever have have pants on?? hahahaha!! i love the dance!

Lassen Family said...

Shut up jerk!! NO! Ya got a problem with that?! heheheehee

I'm so sure of all the cuteness going on, you notice he doesn't have pants on! Gee whiz. :) haha

also known as shell said...

lol.... oh yeah!!!

i always feel I have annoying voice in my videos!

Youngblood4ever said...

I have a CRAZY mind, was he dishwasher dancing? (sorta poll dancing, but more appropriate for kids). I love taking pictures of my kids dancing. In fact, you have inspired me- check out my blog in a bit.

Melain said...

I don't think any of us would accuse you of neglecting him. Frankly there's just not a whole lot to say about a baby that little. But NOW he's getting to the good age! All kinds of personality shows up. Before you know it he's be saying the funniest things you ever heard and you'll be apologizing to us for talking about him too much! :)