Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pay me!

Not much has been going on here lately, we're pretty boring right now and I HATE that! :)

We just started a free trial of Netflix, and the first two movies we've gotten, I picked and David has now banned me from picking anymore. Apparently I pick stupid, girly movies.

My work schedule changed, so on Tuesdays and Thursdays I either work in the evening or not at all. Whoooooo.

Getting back to school has been hard for Bethany. All of a sudden she has to WAKE UP! But she doesn't want to wake up. (I hear all of this from my warm cozy bed as David struggles with getting her ready--and by struggles I mean he just yells at her to get up.)

We've been trying to potty train Maddie. I think she's doing so well and then she poops in her pull-up. THANK GOODNESS for pull-ups! If I had to clean poop up I think I'd loose my sanity completely. (I HATE POTTY TRAINING!)

Sam's doing good, you just got an update on him! Sheesh, read the last post.

David's day off was Thursday all last year, and it just got moved to Friday!! Halle-freakin-lujah! Now the weekends won't have to be completely sucky. I hate Friday's and Saturday's where I can't go bug my friends since their husbands are there to spend time with and I don't want to intrude. Now I atleast don't have to worry about that on Friday's, Saturday's are still a bust. :)

I've been super lazy this week and I hate it! I keep making these goals and lists to get things done and then I just don't. Why is that?! What if someone PAID me to clean my house....that would be so AWESOME! I bet I still wouldn't do it--YES I I wouldn'

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Patti Epperson said...

I hope you get either You Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle with your netflix movies. I can't believe you haven't seen them all the way through!! Seriously.

Lassen Family said...

Both of those are on our list, but way at the bottom now because Dave's tired of the movies I pick! He wants manly action stuff! haha But I will see those and probably love them and then I'll make David watch them OVER and OVER! haha

also known as shell said...

I sure hope Teen Witch is in que.

and oh my freaking gosh I almost fainted when I read that about Dave having thursdays off and then not wanting to bug your friends!!!! LOL

Mel thats exactly what happened to us last year!!!

Lassen Family said...

Shell, THATS CRAZY! There are no words.....
Except that I think you're awesome! :)

Pogue Fam said...

I would love to get paid to clean my house! Sheesh.... that could work wonders for my attitude.


Let's switch kids for potty train Ethan, I'll train Maddie, deal?!

Kristina P. said...

Your comment made me laugh! Thanks for being so sweet. Your family is adorable!

I will add you to my Reader!

Youngblood4ever said...

:) this is me smiling. Umm, I gotta know- what movies did you pick? Anything good that you would recommend????

Melinda said...

We got "Legend" an 80's movie with unicorns and Tom Cruise. DO NOT GET IT. It was weird and scary. We also got "Untamed Heart", early 90's movie with Christian Slater. Actually reminded me a tiny big of Twilight. It was alright, but eh. They were both movies I remember from when I was a kid and wanted to see them again. But I wouldn't recommend them. :)

Kristie, DEAL! Wait, Maddie's doing pretty good. How's Ethan?! If he doesn't do anything at all on the toilet, then I'm not so sure..... :)