Saturday, May 16, 2009


I was going to post an update today with pictures and a funny story, but then I thought, "Self! Hello?! It's Sam's BIRTHDAY today! You need to post about him!"

Okay, so I will. :)

Today my first boy, my third child, turns ONE! I am shocked how fast the time has gone; I know everyone says that, but thats because everyone is right, it goes by incredibly fast! I was thinking I would make one of those lists for their age of things about him, but it would be a very short list. (Only ONE thing because that's how old he is, DUH guys!) So instead I'll just tell you a little about one year old Sam.

~Sam is very cuddly. He loves to hug, he loves to snuggle, he gives very big slobbery kisses. He's very lovey like that.

~Sam is a boy through and through. He smells bad, he poops more, he gets into things more, he eats all the time and it doesn't matter what it is (even if it isn't edible...). And he can look up at me with his big blue eyes and I melt.

~Sam loves his dad a LOT. He loves dad's ties and whenever he sees dad he wants him to hold him, it's very sweet.

~Sam has an old soul. There's just something about the look in his eyes that seems like he just knows more than a baby his age should.

~Sam's very mellow. He goes with the flow, and it doesn't bother him to change plans or miss a nap or whatever, he just falls asleep when he feels like it. Sure he throws fits, he's not perfect for goodness sake, but for being a baby he's just very mellow. :)

I could go on and on about my boy, but I want to go take some pictures of him so you can see for youselves how cute this kid is! I also want to say that after having two girls (and being one myself) I could not imagine how amazing having a boy is! I adore him, I am infatuated with him, I could squeeze the heck out of him! He's such a blessing to our family! (I'll be back later to share the pictures.)

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