Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sitting on Pins and Needles

Wow. Did I have a day yesterday. To keep this light and from myself crying some more, I may joke around a bit. Don't think me a horrible mom, it's just how I cope. Also, if you don't like to hear about poop, or pain in sensitive areas, I encourage you to move on.

So yesterday about an hour after I got home from work, Sam started screaming. Right after he screamed he pooped, so I figured he was constipated and that was what was hurting him. I proceeded to torture him for a few hours, until I discovered something. Something horrible. (No really, it was horrible!) As I was wiping (sorry for the detail/graphicness/icky!), I felt something hard at the bottom of his rectum. I thought at first that must have been the poop he couldn't pass, but then I saw it. Oooooh, it's so hard to say...I saw a needle stuck there. Yeah there, in his rectum. I'm not going to say I handled it well, because my kids, my mom and dad, my sister, anyone around could tell you I didn't handle it well. I was a little hysterical. Which was great since Bethany handles things so well (she was a little hysterical too). I quickly called my mom, because she's Sooooo close by and could help, and she said to either just take him to the hospital or call my doctor's office. I called the office and they said they would suggest the hospital, because even if they could remove it themselves, they didn't have the equipment to check for any INTERNAL DAMAGE. I'm feeling great at this point, obviously. So I quickly dropped my kids off at Carla's (you are my go-to person woman, thank you a million times over!) and headed up to the hospital. After a couple x-rays and a lot of screaming, they did the "removal". David was the lucky person to hold Sam's legs down. My kids hold their breath and pass out when they cry really hard, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that none of my kids have ever held their breath that long. Anyway, everything came out just fine, hardly any bleeding and no bleeding since, which is a really good thing! And right after everything was done, Sam was laughing and smiling and being happy. Which he hadn't been all afternoon, so I felt so much better.

*UPDATE*: Sorry I was unclear, didn't mean to leave ya all hanging. He swallowed it. Most definitely. If you want more detail than you need to know, it was a little corroded/rusted from the acids in his stomach. I have no idea HOW he could've swallowed a pin, but he did and it went all the way through him only to get stuck at the very end. And if you need anymore of a visual to help you understand what it looked like, come on over, I'll draw you a diagram or something. (I'm sure no one will be coming over, am I right?)

And now, for the pun of the day!

From my dad: "Kind of had you sitting on pins and needles with worry!" tee hee!

And some other memorable puns:

~Brings on a whole new meaning to "bummer".

~He's as sharp as a pin that boy!

~I love it when I can stick it to him like that!

~What a pain in the rear!

~Hope you didn't have to sit on that one for very long!

~Couldn't needle his way out of that one huh?!

So there ya go, if you can think of any more puns, I'll stick ya in the eye! hahaha

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Poor Sam:( You handled it better than you think! I liked the puns by the way

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

What? Okay more to this story is needed. How did it end up getting there? Did he eat it or sit on it? I am thinking he sat on it. Poor little guy. I can't even imagine. Spill. Ps. You can always call me too. I would take your kids any day.

Shane & Laina said...

OH MY!!! Poor sad little boy. When I came by I know he wasn't happy, at that point he was handling it pretty well I think (better than I would have).
So what happened??? Did he swallow it? Or sit on it? Maybe there is no known answer to those questions. Just curious, seriously some guys have all the luck (or bad luck). So sad!

Sally Young said...

I can not hardly even think about that happening to one of my kids. You pretty much probably acted just as I would have. I am a freaker not calm type here. Ken is calm I am crazy. I would of freaked and the whole ward would of heard me. I hope that he is doing great.

Kerrilyn said...

My butt still gets tight just thinking about it again. Did you keep the needle? I would be interested to see it all rusty like. Yeah...I am gross like that. You could put it in a baggy and scrap book it, it would make for a nice embellishment.

Pogue Fam said...

Holy cow, I was cringing the whole post. Poor boy, and poor mommy. What an awful day!

Youngblood4ever said...

I wanna cry for the little guy... but then you put the punnies at the end and I had to giggle. I promise, Sam, I wasn't laughing at you!

If he ever asks you about it (not that he will, but if he does) just tell him it was all a dream- while doing the Jedi-mind-trick-hand-wave.