Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random As Always!

I haven't had much of anything exciting to update you on, we've been busy sure, but that doesn't always equal exciting! We went to three BBQ's last week, the weather was so nice! (Maybe a little windy, but still it was SUNNY!) This week is supposed to be even better, I hope it just keeps improving, wouldn't that be awesome?! We're having a Super Saturday this weekend (on Sam's birthday) that I'm teaching a hair bow/flower class, too fun! I'm also gearing up for preschool graduation, I need to finish assessments (whoever thought that was a good idea?!) and do a slideshow to give to all the parents. Busy, busy. But soon enough, school will be out and it will be full blown SUMMER! Yippee! Bethany has an end of school dance thing that I will definitely be posting pictures of when that happens. I also have a bunch of pictures I need to add from the last couple weeks, I'm sure I'll get to them SOMEDAY!

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Pogue Fam said...

I wish the weather here was that nice. I know Washington means rain, which is ok... but you hit a point where its like "spring already!!!" Sheesh. Good for you getting everything done :)