Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doing Something Crafty!

I haven't posted lately because I've been busy. Mostly just busy changing Sam's constant poopy diapers, but also busy working on a project! I'm so excited about this project I can hardly contain myself! In fact, now that Sam's asleep, I'm going to go work on it RIGHT NOW!

But here's a hint to what it is: RUFFLES!

Oh how I love ruffles for little girls! Wowee it's gonna be awesome, I know you can't wait to find out what I'm doing right?!

Soon enough, I promise!

3 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Pogue Fam said...

OOoh sneak peek picture please? I love crafts. I'm feeling craft hungry lately. Its costing Lee money hehe!

Youngblood4ever said...

Oh, I am so excited! Can't wait to see your newest creation. You are the best at that!

Shane & Laina said...

Can't wait to're so awesome!