Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sneak Peek

Okay, you asked for a peek at what I'm making, so you know me, I deliver! Of course I don't deliver the finished product, because then I'd actually have to finish it, but here's a peek of someone else's finished product! Okay I was going to have a picture of it, but blogger's being dumb. So here's a link instead. Exciting yes?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doing Something Crafty!

I haven't posted lately because I've been busy. Mostly just busy changing Sam's constant poopy diapers, but also busy working on a project! I'm so excited about this project I can hardly contain myself! In fact, now that Sam's asleep, I'm going to go work on it RIGHT NOW!

But here's a hint to what it is: RUFFLES!

Oh how I love ruffles for little girls! Wowee it's gonna be awesome, I know you can't wait to find out what I'm doing right?!

Soon enough, I promise!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of Stuff to Do

Well, my preschool class officially graduated today! It was so fun to have the parents come watch their kids sing to them and to present them with certificates and a slideshow. Sometimes preschool is really hard, but for the most part its really rewarding! I have to thank Laina for helping me put the slideshows' together, you are such a lifesaver (and timesaver too)! :)

Thinking back to graduation last year, this year feels so different! Last year graduation was the last day I worked and had summer off, and that next day I went into labor with Sam! None of that going on this year, no driving out of the parking lot feeling like yelling "FREEEEEDOM!!" But this year is good in its own way.

I'm also REALLY looking forward to my sister and her family visiting this weekend, it's always too long since I see them, so this will be fantastic! Hopefully they can get here in time to see Bethany's end of school year performance/dance thing/Field day. :)

Now all I have to do is get some energy and get stuff done! I KNOW I can do it, just gonna take a quick nap first...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Life of a One Year Old

A photo journey in the life of a one year old:

Pretty much: wander around, find sticks, put stuff in your mouth, get sleepy, take a nap. Oh, and look anywhere BUT the camera!

Now, on to the cake part:

Sam loved the cupcakes, he demolished about three of them, it was great fun to watch! Happy Birthday boy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I was going to post an update today with pictures and a funny story, but then I thought, "Self! Hello?! It's Sam's BIRTHDAY today! You need to post about him!"

Okay, so I will. :)

Today my first boy, my third child, turns ONE! I am shocked how fast the time has gone; I know everyone says that, but thats because everyone is right, it goes by incredibly fast! I was thinking I would make one of those lists for their age of things about him, but it would be a very short list. (Only ONE thing because that's how old he is, DUH guys!) So instead I'll just tell you a little about one year old Sam.

~Sam is very cuddly. He loves to hug, he loves to snuggle, he gives very big slobbery kisses. He's very lovey like that.

~Sam is a boy through and through. He smells bad, he poops more, he gets into things more, he eats all the time and it doesn't matter what it is (even if it isn't edible...). And he can look up at me with his big blue eyes and I melt.

~Sam loves his dad a LOT. He loves dad's ties and whenever he sees dad he wants him to hold him, it's very sweet.

~Sam has an old soul. There's just something about the look in his eyes that seems like he just knows more than a baby his age should.

~Sam's very mellow. He goes with the flow, and it doesn't bother him to change plans or miss a nap or whatever, he just falls asleep when he feels like it. Sure he throws fits, he's not perfect for goodness sake, but for being a baby he's just very mellow. :)

I could go on and on about my boy, but I want to go take some pictures of him so you can see for youselves how cute this kid is! I also want to say that after having two girls (and being one myself) I could not imagine how amazing having a boy is! I adore him, I am infatuated with him, I could squeeze the heck out of him! He's such a blessing to our family! (I'll be back later to share the pictures.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random As Always!

I haven't had much of anything exciting to update you on, we've been busy sure, but that doesn't always equal exciting! We went to three BBQ's last week, the weather was so nice! (Maybe a little windy, but still it was SUNNY!) This week is supposed to be even better, I hope it just keeps improving, wouldn't that be awesome?! We're having a Super Saturday this weekend (on Sam's birthday) that I'm teaching a hair bow/flower class, too fun! I'm also gearing up for preschool graduation, I need to finish assessments (whoever thought that was a good idea?!) and do a slideshow to give to all the parents. Busy, busy. But soon enough, school will be out and it will be full blown SUMMER! Yippee! Bethany has an end of school dance thing that I will definitely be posting pictures of when that happens. I also have a bunch of pictures I need to add from the last couple weeks, I'm sure I'll get to them SOMEDAY!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

(My Mom and Bethany, Washington 2006)

When I was a little girl my mom and I were walking hand in hand, all of a sudden she squeezed my hand three times. I looked up at her and asked her what that meant. She answered me that it meant I. Love. You. *squeeze. squeeze. squeeze.* I love you. So simple. And for years, I will still squeeze my mom's hand three times.

Love you Mom.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sitting on Pins and Needles

Wow. Did I have a day yesterday. To keep this light and from myself crying some more, I may joke around a bit. Don't think me a horrible mom, it's just how I cope. Also, if you don't like to hear about poop, or pain in sensitive areas, I encourage you to move on.

So yesterday about an hour after I got home from work, Sam started screaming. Right after he screamed he pooped, so I figured he was constipated and that was what was hurting him. I proceeded to torture him for a few hours, until I discovered something. Something horrible. (No really, it was horrible!) As I was wiping (sorry for the detail/graphicness/icky!), I felt something hard at the bottom of his rectum. I thought at first that must have been the poop he couldn't pass, but then I saw it. Oooooh, it's so hard to say...I saw a needle stuck there. Yeah there, in his rectum. I'm not going to say I handled it well, because my kids, my mom and dad, my sister, anyone around could tell you I didn't handle it well. I was a little hysterical. Which was great since Bethany handles things so well (she was a little hysterical too). I quickly called my mom, because she's Sooooo close by and could help, and she said to either just take him to the hospital or call my doctor's office. I called the office and they said they would suggest the hospital, because even if they could remove it themselves, they didn't have the equipment to check for any INTERNAL DAMAGE. I'm feeling great at this point, obviously. So I quickly dropped my kids off at Carla's (you are my go-to person woman, thank you a million times over!) and headed up to the hospital. After a couple x-rays and a lot of screaming, they did the "removal". David was the lucky person to hold Sam's legs down. My kids hold their breath and pass out when they cry really hard, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that none of my kids have ever held their breath that long. Anyway, everything came out just fine, hardly any bleeding and no bleeding since, which is a really good thing! And right after everything was done, Sam was laughing and smiling and being happy. Which he hadn't been all afternoon, so I felt so much better.

*UPDATE*: Sorry I was unclear, didn't mean to leave ya all hanging. He swallowed it. Most definitely. If you want more detail than you need to know, it was a little corroded/rusted from the acids in his stomach. I have no idea HOW he could've swallowed a pin, but he did and it went all the way through him only to get stuck at the very end. And if you need anymore of a visual to help you understand what it looked like, come on over, I'll draw you a diagram or something. (I'm sure no one will be coming over, am I right?)

And now, for the pun of the day!

From my dad: "Kind of had you sitting on pins and needles with worry!" tee hee!

And some other memorable puns:

~Brings on a whole new meaning to "bummer".

~He's as sharp as a pin that boy!

~I love it when I can stick it to him like that!

~What a pain in the rear!

~Hope you didn't have to sit on that one for very long!

~Couldn't needle his way out of that one huh?!

So there ya go, if you can think of any more puns, I'll stick ya in the eye! hahaha

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Another Crazy Weekend!

I'm sick. Thats what I get for making fun of the swine flu. Darn it all. But even with a cold, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do! I had another busy weekend, but even being busy it was a lot of fun! I'm going to download the pictures soooooon, promise! Every year the Stake does a Priest and Laurel Overnighter, this is the third year I've gone, and every year has been really awesome! They always have great speakers, fun games and a lot of laughing! We got to stay in "cabins" this year instead of the lodge. The lodge is like a hotel totally, set up just like any hotel, but the cabins were fantastic! There were like a real house, there was a living room, a kitchen, tons of rooms, it was so cool! The girls and me got our own room and had a blast laughing and being silly until 1:30 am. I'm getting too old to do that, actually I'm not, I was probably just too sick to do that! There's also a cool rec room, there's ping pong tables, pool tables, fooz-ball, air hockey, all kinds of fun games! I rocked the pool table--so much fun! We also played putt-putt golf, and all kinds of get-to-know-you games. They had a movie playing, they really go all out every year! I enjoy the kids in our ward so much, getting to know them and mess around with them is so great. I feel so blessed to have the calling I do!