Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Stuff

Nothing much going on, we're just in the swing of summer. I keep feeling panicked because the time goes by way too fast! Its like summer just started and now its almost over! Poo. Now that Dave's started his training everyday, we haven't gotten to do as many fun things as we had been. Mostly because he has the car all day, and then the sun decided to go away this week. I like the sun, come back sun!

I'm tired today and feeling a little blah. Sometime life weighs down too hard and I wonder where my faith goes and why I can't have a better attitude. Then I wonder why our life is the way it is, and I stop myself, because "why" is a very dangerous place to go, and I don't need to start in the "why me" attitude.

Kimball's growing so much, I need to have another little photo shoot with him because heaven knows children grow too fast! I look at my kids every day and am shocked at how big they've gotten--I think time speeds up the older you get!

I'm really looking forward to the next couple months; first up there's my Utah trip! I'm so excited to go and see friends and family I can hardly stand it! I'm also excited we're going on a family camping trip to Ocean Shores (with David's family)! I love camping, and I love the ocean, it will be great! Plus all the other fun things to do in the summer...when the sun comes back out anyway! :)

Well, thats all the energy I have to write this, I hope you guys are having an awesome, fun filled summer!

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Delee said...

I understand the "blah" feelings. I don't handle stress well either!
It's nice to have a fun trip to look forward to. Hopefully you'll feel better soon when you get into a routine with Dave's new job.

Sorry about the diaper I put on Kimball the other day... all I could find was a size 4 and even though he is growing fast, he's not that big yet. Ehlana doesn't even wear size 4! Heehee!

Pogue Fam said...

I think we all understand the blah. And I think your a lot like me... a new book or little project tends to cure it for a bit. I'm reading James Harriot right now and I LOVE it! So I am covered in band-aids right now... but when they are a little less gross we will hang out ok?!