Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zoo Day!

Last Saturday, me and the kids went to the zoo with David's parents. It was a GORGEOUS day and we had a lot of fun! We were there for a couple hours and I loved seeing how active the animals were, usually they just lay around and its fine to look at them, but on Saturday they were really moving! We had a great time!

This monkey was such a show off and so much fun to watch! He was all over the place, swung from the very top, down to us, back and forth in front of the glass a few times and then snuggled up to the girl monkey!

Funny thing: When we first got there we sat down and had a little picnic, after we'd been eating for a little bit we started noticing all these crows gathering around us. We could tell they were getting anxious for us to leave so they could eat our scraps. Well, one got so anxious it pooped on Dave's dad's shoulder. It worked, we left. Within feet of us moving about five of them swooped in and started picking up crumbs. Those jerks.

My boys asleep:

Poor Sam was so worn out by the time we were done, he was trying so hard to sleep in the stroller, sitting up and moving. He got a little time in there, but really crashed on the car ride home. I thought it was so cute though!

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Pogue Fam said...

That looks so fun! We went to NW Trek yesterday and all those stinkin animals were sleeping. So we came home and took naps too haha.