Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best Summer Day Yet!

So on Monday, we saw that the weather was supposed to be really nice, as in high 80's! So we decided to take the kids down to Point Defiance and go to Owen Beach. Little did we know that everyone else and their dog (literally, their dogs) thought to do the same thing! I have never seen so many people there, but it was still fun! The kids splashed around and got wet. Like Sam face planted into the water, good thing it was hot enough that his shirt was dry by the time we were done. The girls tried to find seashells, Maddie told me "I think we found all the seashells on the whole beach!" and I said "ALL of them?!" and she said "well, maybe not all of them, I'm going to find them all though!" They found plenty believe me! It was a lot of fun, i surely love the ocean!

We saw this guy way down the beach and I pointed him out to Dave, "look at that BIG dog!" when we got up close we realized it was a freaking WOLF! Crazy huh?

2 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Pogue Fam said...

A WOLF?!?!?! Crazy old man. Sheesh. Adorable pictures! And your hair is growing so fast, I LOVE it! Super totally cute. Give my face another week or two and hopefully it will be all better :D

kristie said...

I LOVE all the pics! Kimball looks so big in the pic with the stroller, too cute!