Thursday, February 07, 2008


Wednesday's aren't usually that exciting, but it was a good Wednesday yesterday! I got off work at 9:30-ish, and came home to clean up before our new dishwasher got here! Yippee, I'm so excited its here! Just that in itself would make it a good day but I also went to girls' night last night, I haven't been in like a year I think! It was a lot of fun, I'm really glad I went! I was supposed to go to a Lia Sophia party, but I got to look at the catalog and I'll order something in the next couple days, so it all works out-new jewelry, how exciting! I didn't even realize how much I needed to get out and just chat and not worry about anything, I guess I forget how much stuff is on my mind with work and church and another baby coming, so thanks to all the women who made it so nice last night! (Especially after the drama at mutual Tuesday, we did a lip sync and some people took it a little too seriously, although my girls didn't take it seriously at all! Where's the love?! But we did get Dave to dress up as a woman, so it must've been worth it!) Well, here's a picture of the dishwasher, so happy!

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Delee Cox said...

Yeah for your new dishwasher! I'm glad you got some time off "mommy duty." I love girls nights (and I understand Young Women's doesn't count as a girls night!) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow... How did you survive so long without a dishwasher! That is one thing I have to have. Although when we were first married, we didn't have one, but Jerry was really good at washing dishes. Congratulations! You will have to tell me about the drama of Young Womens... Sounds eventful.

Lassen Family said...

Dave was awesome at washing dishes, I give him a lot of credit! He's awesome! The drama of Young Womens? When isn't there drama?! haha Oh, we did a lip sync and some of our girls tried to sneak a different song in that wasn't appropriate and when we told them they couldn't use it, they said they were just leaving then! boo hoo, thats the way it goes! :)