Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How Do I Love Thee....

...Let Me Count the Ways!

Its David's birthday today, and I just wanted to make a list of all the things we love about David!

1-He's my best friend (from Bethany)
2-He's my best friend too (Maddie's very original!)
3-He helps me pick up my bedroom (Bethany again)
4-He puts on movies (Bethany)
5-He walks to church with me (Bethany and Maddie)
6-He tucks me into bed at night (Bethany)
7-He makes me hot chocolate in the mornings sometimes (Bethany)
8-He changes my diapers (Maddie, and I love him for that as well!)
9-He plays hide and seek with me (Bethany)
10-He holds me when I'm crying (from Sam, I'm writing on his behalf)
11-He is funny, a dork, but funny! (the rest are from me)
12-He provides for his family, be it a job, doing the laundry, helping out, whatever
13-I truly can tell him anything, even though sometimes he makes fun of me! :)
14-He never gets embarassed
15-He tries to do whats right
16-He loves babies, all babies, but especially ours!
17-He's fun to be around
18-He doesn't let other people bother him
19-He would do anything I asked him to, important things
20-He knows how to cook and does a lot of it!
21-He reads his scriptures
22-He gets along with everyone
23-He likes to shop :)
24-He is sporty (or athletic you could say)
25-He likes to camp and fish and be outdoorsy with me
26-He's involved, he'll take Bethany to ballet and go to appts. with me, etc.
27-He's excited about being a dad
28-He loves his family, extended and all of mine too
29-He tries! Even though he's not perfect and there's days he drives me crazy, atleast I know he's trying to be better and that makes all the difference!
Well Dave, on your 29th birthday I hope you know how much your family loves you even though we really couldn't celebrate. You're wonderful and we're lucky to have you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

(this is the best we could get for using the self timer, but we're really trying to blow kisses to dad!)

3 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

Gee, how do you learn not to let other people bother you? That is a good I need to work on.

Anne Corey said...

Happy Birthday, David! What a great family you have.

Youngblood4ever said...

Happy Birthday (late) Dave!