Monday, June 30, 2008

Youth Conference '08

Well, another Youth Conference has come and gone! Since our stake did a big Youth Conference this year, we decided we'd just do a one day thing at Yuba, instead of three days like we did last year. Last year was so fun, but I can't say that this year wasn't awesome also! I was sad it was only one day, but we had such a good time, I just love our youth! It was a fun day of boating, eating, making sand "things" and hanging out! David had to work all day Saturday, so I made arrangements for the girls to spend the day with the Youngblood's and then they went to Aunt Kay's for awhile too! It was Kylie's b-day, so they got to go bowling!! How exciting for them, they loved every minute, they're still talking about it! (Thanks to Julie and Kay, I'm so grateful you helped me out, you're lifesavers!) So I did take Sam with me to the lake and he did awesome! He pretty much slept the entire day, but even when he was awake he hardly cried at all! The pictures crack me up, because in his little lifejacket he's just all snuggled up, like a burrito or something! I didn't get hardly sunburned at all, just a little on my nose and the top of my feet--weird I know! It was a long day though, and I was tired! But I did end up chaperoning the stake dance that night as well, a long day, but very fun!

Katie, Me and Annie--laughing yes, but also in pain from knocking heads together!

This is a common pose for Annie, she plays sports and is often seen showing her injuries, that are often in that exact same spot--she loves it!! haha

There's Kerrilyn, so cute!

Josh, Jessica and Steven getting ready to tube!

Lucas and Heather, Lucus was so adorable!

Making sand creatures!

Doesn't Rachel look so beautiful!?!

There's Sam in his life jacket--looks comfy ha?

I love that Beth, she is so wonderful!

Brad getting sprayed down with sunscreen--although he still burned! haha

Steven is the greatest kid!

Alice and the Bishop eating dinner--sloppy joes, a-slop sloppy joes yeah!

Lucy and Katie, isn't that so cute?!

Sam getting a bottle, Roshelle is so sweet to him!

Annie again!

Some of the boys digging themselves into the sand

Oh, beautiful Yuba, I miss you already!

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Yay, Sam got to wear those swimshorts! I'm glad you got to have so much fun! Miss ya!

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

Good job on all the pictures. I could have done without the one with me and my granny hat, but oh well, it sure saved my head and face. I guess you can tell you are growing up when you no longer want the sun on you 24/7. I love the picture of do such a good job.

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

Oh, p.s. I thought Sam looked like a human hot dog and not so much a burrito.

Lassen Family said...

ahhh yes, I agree with you! Very much more like a hot dog! haha

Anonymous said...

Wow.. you guys sure look like you're havin fun. We miss the youth in your ward.

Youngblood4ever said...

Looks like you had so much fun. I am glad you were able to go. You really are a great leader.