Friday, June 13, 2008

Too much Fun Friday!

I'm so excited its Friday today! Normally it wouldn't really matter too much, but David has today off--yay! So we planned to do some extra fun stuff since we haven't seen much of dad lately, he's been working a lot! We had to run a few errands this morning and one of them included delivering some stuff from the Mr. Mac's down here to the one up at the mall, since we were going to be up there, we thought we'd do a little shopping (my brother's getting married in August, so we needed something for that). So, fun for me, I got a new dress and shirt! After that--since we were up there--we went to Olive Garden! Yummy....Gotta love the soup, salad and breadsticks! Then we came back to catch an early show of "Kung Fu Panda"! If you were wanting to see it, then do because it was so dang cute! Totally entertaining for both kids and parents, honestly. So now we're back from that, we're fed, entertained and satisfied--partially--with shopping! What a great Friday! Oh, and just to add, Bethany was commenting about me having freckles on my face, except she kept calling them farkles--and maybe I'm immature or dumb, but just saying the word makes me laugh, I guess it just tickled me! haha that Bethany....oh and she's trying out all her kung fu moves now too! (you know you're saying farkle in your head right now!hehehe)

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I know I'm saying farkles...hahahaha!!!!

Youngblood4ever said...

Yes, I admit I am still saying farkle in my head. Thanks for the movie recommendation.