Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time to play a little Catch!

Well, David's parents had to get back to work and now its time for me catch up on what we've been up to! We had such a great time, and its hard to see them go, we're so happy they'll be back next month, that makes things so much easier! (although, Bethany seriously sat in her bed last night bawling for Grandpa and holding a shirt he'd given her because that's how she could remember him! She's so dramatic!)They got to come up this time for a nephew's wedding, but we secretly hope that was just an excuse to see us!haha We decided on Thursday we were going to go out to dinner for Dave's b-day and went to Tucanos. Fun experience if you haven't done it! Friday we went to Discovery Park and the Chuck-A-Rama, among other things. Saturday was the wedding, which was an all day thing, I think they left at eight in the morning and it was almost eight when they got back! WOw! Sunday was more casual, because it was Sunday! :) Monday they had to go, we ran some errands and relaxed and went out to lunch, it was a nice day. I'm skipping lots of little things in an effort to save time, but to sum it up, we love you guys and miss you, and are so excited to go to the Grand Canyon next month and for the family reunion! Yippee!

Thursday at Tucanos, the one of Dave is him eating his b-day dessert

Friday we went to Discovery Park, they love it there!

Isn't this picture sweet of the kids with their Grandma!

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Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

The great thing about living away from family is that it seems like you always have sounds like fun.

Anne Corey said...

What a nice visit. Aren't Grandpas and Grandmas the best. I'm feel guilty for being able to see them every week.