Monday, July 21, 2008

Steel Days Parade!

Saturday morning was the parade and Shauna asked me and my kids to be part of her float for the daycare--ooh how glamorous! Not really, I was hot and sweaty and sticky! haha The theme for her float was "aloha", so the kids wore their swim suits and sat in a little floaty pool. The adults weren't so lucky, we wore aprons with the daycare's logo and handed out fliers and candy, not that it was bad, we just didn't get to sit in the shaded cool float! :) It was funny because you can't throw the candy (maybe some poor child was beaned in the head one year?!), so I started out by just handing handfuls to kids. That quickly faded as I was getting way behind our group and wasting all the candy! It was fun to see how excited all the kids were, and I was surprised at how many people I saw that I actually knew! I guess I would have seen more, but I was only on one side of the street, oh well! Dave waited down at the end of the parade and took pictures--like five of each entry!:)--but the battery died before we got to him! darn! After the parade, I went to help paint Leanne's bathroom, it was fun to visit with her and the kids had a blast. They discovered a little pool in her backyard and within minutes were all soaking and soon after that just plain naked! haha Today was fun too, David's been dying to see the new Batman movie, so we got to do that today. It really was a pretty cool movie, we enjoyed it a lot! I won't say much more about it, I think you can just experience it for yourself!

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Youngblood4ever said...

Love the picture of the pretty girls at the end, Dave! Just kidding. I didn't know you and the girls were going to be in the parade. Glad they had fun. I am sure you were steaming hot by the end- it was a HOT weekend!

Melain said...

A kid was BEANED?! Who the heck is pitching overhand in a parade?! That's just funny.

Nothing creepy about you darling. I love that you enjoy my blog and I'm delighted to meet you back. Who are our mutual friends?

Anonymous said...

Oh we missed the parade. Looks like fun.