Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dream BIG....dream's my new mantra!

So I just got home from my first day back at work. Wow. My life sucks. I don't want to sound like such an ingrate or like a whiny baby, but WAAH! Waah, waah, waaaaah! And seriously no offense to my boss or the cute kids I work with, its just so HARD! (and a little boring too...) It's just so much easier to stay at home and do whatever I want, plus this week probably wasn't a fantastic week to start working, since I literally have something going on EVERY night this week--not exaggerating, EVERY night, and Saturday too. I'm losing it, I truly am. Anyway, I could keep going on with my pity party, but you don't want none of that do you?! Since my real life world is a little depressing right now, I'm going to my make-believe world where in it I don't have to work and everything is perfect. I can't here you phone with one more request on my time *LA LA La La la*! In this oh so perfect world, we have lots of money and I don't have to work. At all. I don't even move. Aaaaah, heaven. Thinking about this, I wonder what I would do if I had enough money to not care anymore? Here's a few things I thought of, in honor of going back to work today!:

Maybe I'm insane (well we've established this already, yes?), but the first thing I would NOT buy is a house or car or whatever (although that comes later), but I would buy CLOTHES! Fantastically wonderful, cute, adorable, perfect fitting clothes! Oh happy day! Here's a couple outfits, I would give most anything to have today:

*i love them* But hey, I'm not selfish, I would also buy my kids the most stinkin cute clothes you've ever seen! See how generous I am?! I can't tell you how many times I've gone to the mall to torture myself by looking at the fantastically cute clothes at Gap Kids and can't buy them for my beautiful children! But NO, in my dreamland I CAN buy them and my kids would look even cuter than these:

So now that we look GoRgeOuS, what else would I spend my money on?! Oh yes, the house! Right now my tiny cramped house is the bane of my existence, but NO, I'm in La La Land, and I live HERE!(sans the snow, I'm still enjoying summer, and I can choose that because this is MY fantasy!):

Oh so lovely! Don't I have great taste?! But it doesn't stop there, what does the inside look like?!?! I'm sure you're on pins and needles! I love interior decorating and my house would be fantastical! And it would completely change whenever I had the whim to do so, you see I like many different types of decorating and could never be satisfied with a house that looked the same for the next 20 years!

What else have I got you ask?! Some clothes, a beautiful house, you think thats it for me?! You've got to be kidding! Next comes the car, its just basic necessity right?! NO! I love automobiles and we would have many! Here's a few that would belong in my perfect sphere:

Normally at this point I would force myself to stop, because no good can come from lusting after things you'll never have, but nay! I will not! It's been one of those weeks and I'm going to indulge myself! (and regret it later I'm sure!) Whats next, I know you're dying to know! In a heartbeat I would travel to all the different parts of the world, no place too exotic, nowhere too expensive, I'm going and I will photograph it all (and win some sort of prize with my photographic genious!). Places like Greece and Italy, definitely Iguaza Falls in Brazil, what about Ireland, oh yes there too, and many many more!

Stop you say?! What?! I can't, I've gone too far and I'm not finished yet! Because my sensational home has a few acres, we would have a little petting zoo! Oh yes, I'm the coolest mom ever!

This is Butch; yes I've named him. Before you consider calling the people in white jackets to come take me away, I've wanted a bulldog for some odd years and to name him Butch after my dad, because that is a perfect bulldog name. Whatever, I can be crazy if I want to, its my universe.

I would also be so well rounded my head would explode! I could play the guitar, sing beautifully, paint masterpieces, bake the best desserts you've ever tasted, become the next Beethoven, and continue my education for the rest of my life (of course only classes I want to take, no math or that garbage)!

We would also have the latest and greatest technology, it would be awesome! I would have the Wii to play on the biggest tv you've ever seen, so big your eyes pop out of your head! Better than a surround sound system, don't know what it would be, just BEttEr!

I could go on but alas, time has caught up to me and is ending my marvelous reverie......
I truly hope you don't read this and think "sheesh, she's selfish and insane, I can't believe she didn't mention ending world hunger or atleast buying her parents a house!" I want those things too! Plus, world peace, curing AIDS and cancer, helping every needy child in the universe, ending slavery and fixing our national debt. But hey, I only had so much time and I chose the other way! Hey, I can't be perfect all the time! Man! What would YOU do if you had all the money in the world?!

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Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Girl! I feel bad that you had such a bum day. If you need anything you can always call me and I will do whatever is needed. I hope you know that. I understand about the wishing and wanting. If we had all the money in the world we might be living in our house by now.. Ha.. 5 years working on it and still going strong. I hope that it gets better at least you always looks so darn cute no matter how your day is. Keep your chin up and call me when and if you need to talk.

Anonymous said...

I love your post, and I would love to see you riding that motorcycle! It's fun to dream. I don't blame you one bit. I went back to work a few months ago, and it's just killing me too! I wish I could be a bum forever, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Keep your chin up!

sherbugs said...

I'm so sorry that life stinks right now...but I love this post! I feel like you left out one important thing. The bestest camera in the universe with a plethora of lenses to go with it so you can take all the fantabulous pictures of the places you're going to visit. May I recommend the new Nikon D700?!?! ;)

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

Riding the motorcycle?? I would love to see her riding the that would be funny!!!
Sorry you had to go back to work....I know, it SUCKS!!! Oh, and your kids do have adorable clothes, and so do you, what are you talking about?

Lassen Family said...

oh, but if I had money I would have AWESOME clothes! I can't even tap my potential to look fabulous, because of lack of funds! ;) BTW, I have ridden both motorcycles and ponies, so there! haha

Pogue Fam said...

I think you pretty much covered it for every crazy mom with little kids... I sat here reading this to Lee, while I secretly wanted and admired and laughed at everything you said because it is all so wonderful!!! Can I have that house with those rooms too??? I love it!