Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wedding Bliss!

Sorry its been awhile since I updated anything, I've been insanely busy, and part of the reason is my brother got married this last Saturday! What an AWESOME day! Words can't explain how happy I am for my brother! He married such an amazing girl, and we're ecstatic to have her in our family! What an awesome day, I still can't get over it! (if you can't tell from all the exclamations, it was awesome!) haha

This is them coming out of the Temple, don't they look just gorgeous?!

Here we are waiting for them to come out of the Temple. By this time, my feet are so blistered and sore, I cursed the day I ever bought those fantastically cute evil shoes! I flung them to the side and walked around barefoot, yes my feet were disgusting by the end of the day, but I could NOT stand another minute walking in those shoes! (don't worry I had them on for the pictures, I have amazing inner strength, I'm sure you didn't know that!)

These pics are just a "snippet" of what were taken, just a few I really liked! Their photographer was awesome, she was a lot of fun and took tons of cute and beautiful and fun pictures! Loved her! I can't wait to see them when they get in!

Here are my siblings, we took a nice picture....

....and a silly one! We look fantastic, don't you think?!

After all the picture's, we headed over to the Lion House for a luncheon. It was so beautiful in there and the food was very tasty! It was a lot of fun to sit and visit with family and friends. We sat at a table with a couple of Tamsyn's relatives, and I'm convinced that I NEED an accent now! (although they said I DO have one) haha I'm also convinced that Americans are seriously lacking in the proper manners department, I want to be from South Africa now! :)

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Tamsyn and Bryce said...

Melinda, I love the photos you posted of the wedding! Especially the one with Bryce and all the sisters! So cute. Could you please email those to us? I really want to frame some. I can't wait for the professional photos either! I am glad you enjoyed the wedding. I can't believe it is over already.