Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Wow, two posts in one day, I'm a blogging fool! The other thing I really need to post about is: Bethany started school yesterday! Last week she did her assessment, which was so nerve wracking--I was sweating like crazy! Not really because I was THAT nervous, but it was incredibly hot in there! Do you think they do that on purpose? haha Just kidding! She did alright, I wasn't embarassed for the things she didn't know, it was more embarassing on the questions she didn't answer that I know she knows! She did really well though, its just hard to watch your kid be nervous, it makes you just want to scoop them up and give them all the answers! ;) So anyway, her first day was yesterday and she loved it! I knew she would, but still you never know! There are a lot of kids from church in her class, so its nice that she knows a couple of people in there. She came home with a crown and she said they played outside (the main thing she wanted to do)! Its fun to put her in her school clothes, she looks so old! I can't believe I have a kid in school, where did the time go?!

I think she looked so cute, it was so fun to see her walk into class (although a little heartbreaking for me!), now I just need to get myself into shape and wake up on time! :)

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sherbugs said...

Too stinkin adorable!!! Love the bows in her hair and how her folder sticks out of her backpack. Just sent Tasha to kindergarten today. It is so emotionally exhausting! I think we deserve a Cherry Limeade from Sonic!