Friday, August 15, 2008

It happens to everyone right?!

I mentioned this in another post, and thought I would share my experience with the flat tire. Dun, dun, dun!

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't find the experience necessary or at all helpful in my personal growth. But nevertheless, here I was in exactly this situation, and might I say I handled it quite badly! hahaha So anyway, on to the story!

It all began when David's family came in for the family reunion *see previous posts* and we were driving all over the place like crazy! We had made a lot of plans and were pretty pressed for time, there wasn't a lot of idleness going on that week. So after a beautiful drive up the canyon, I was left at home to get ready for the day. It was time to go to the family bowling game, so we hopped in the car.

I back out of the driveway and start down the road, and don't even realize that the car is shaking like crazy because there's an ambulance coming up behind me. After it goes by I realize something is not right with my car and it finally dawns on me that I have a flat! What do I do?? Here I am with my three kids and my niece in the blazing hot sun and I can't even figure out if I have a spare. So what do you do in those situations?! I called my father-in-law! Yay, to the rescue!

He calls the AAA people and they send a tow guy. Yay for smart tow guy who finds where the spare tire is hidden, weird in minivans they hide it under your car and
you have to like unscrew it. Anyway, he was incredibly cheerful and nice, and sadly I was too frazzled to even get his jokes. "The tire's only flat on the bottom! heh heh" And me "Is that a bad thing?! Will you still fix it?!" (help me...thought in a sqeaky voice)

Anyway, after a long wait and seriously five calls from AAA *voice recorder: "Your tow truck should be arriving shortly." "Your tow truck should have arrived now." "Your tow truck has now left."* I was happier than Michael Phelps winning another gold medal!
Well, maybe not quite that happy, but I was seriously relieved! Then we rushed--in a very cautious way--to the bowling alley, where I scored a serious 103! Oh yeah, you know you're jealous!

6 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Noreen & Allen said...

What a day! I have never had a flat(knock on wood). There's nothing worse then being in a rush when something like that happens. Glad that it all worked out for you.

Youngblood4ever said...

I don't know how to change a tire, either. I am glad you had someone to call. This might be a helpful thing to know. Great job on the 103! Impressive, very impressive!

sherbugs said...

Stinkin' Funny! Your pictures illustrated your points beautifully. You handled a stressful situation with grace and style...then you went on to bowl a 103 (I don't think I've ever bowled over a 99)! The only thing missing is a picture of you as WONDER WOMAN!!!


Okay, this is funny because I've had lots of should have a mutual night where the young women REALLY learn how to fix a flat tire, and things like that. Not only would they learn but so would the leaders!!

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

Melinda, maybe you could come to our bike tire fixing class. Baby steps. And what is up with Michael Phelps' swimsuit? It doesn't leave much more for the imagination. I am nervous that it is going to fall off. YIKES!!!

Lassen Family said...

I know I'm pathetic for not knowing how, but even if I did, I was probably so stressed I would've freaked anyway! :) Haha Kerri, baby steps, baby steps. Yes I agree about the swimsuit--woah! :O