Friday, October 24, 2008

Day B: The OCEAN!

Our first full day in Washington, we decided we just had to go to the ocean and visit Owen's Beach, its one of our favorites and we go just about every trip (me and Dave's engagement pictures were taken at that beach). It's so hard to decide how to spend your time, especially in Washington where there's so many GORGEOUS places to see! We were so glad though that we didn't have to worry so much about splitting our time up between my family and David's family so much; both my parents and Dave's parents had Thursday and Friday off, so we did a lot of things together! Thanks so much Family for being so accommodating!

We weren't sure if it would pour on us, it didn't, but the girls had fun playing with the umbrellas anyway!

I haven't edited any of the pictures, but I still think its so gorgeous there!

You have to throw rocks into the ocean! It was decided that David is the skipping rocks King, and I'm the dunce...


So pretty...

Walking down the piers with Grandmas' and Grandpas'

We went out to lunch at a REAL seafood restuarant, so yummy!! This was the view from the window:

Sam can sit up, he's getting so big!

Davey loves his mommy! :)

Bethany and Grandma Chelli, so fun!

We also saw some star fish and a little baby seal that we thought was stuck or hurt, but it scooted back in the water and swam away so fast!

Sorry this is so long! At the end of the day we had a big family dinner at my parents house and had Dave's family come too, it was so nice to have everyone together and get to visit with friends as well! So awesome!

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also known as shell said...

was I seeing something or was there a baby seal in that last picture?

oh and bethany with those glasses of hers. so cute!

also known as shell said...

oh never mind you said it was a baby seal. I thought the caption for that was going to be below that picture so I didn't see it.

Bret Bushman Family said...

What a fun trip, my kids love to go to the ocean, which is hardly ever, It seems to always be so cold outside when we go.

lauraleereber said...

Hey Melinda, Its so fun to see your family even if it is through blogging. I love your new hairdo! Its amazing how our kids change in just one year huh! You got a boy, yeah!

Youngblood4ever said...

I am so impressed with the pictures. You have some serious talent. A great eye for beautiful pictures.