Monday, October 27, 2008

Day Three: Pumpkin Patchiness!

We went to the Schilter Family Farm (a pumpkin patch) on Friday and it was SOOO fun! My mom and Dave's parents and his sister Niki all went, and we had a blast! (Too bad for my dad who wasn't feeling so great, he missed out though!)

We went on a hayride first, it was bumpy and jostle-y and the kids loved it! Well, first first there was a little shop where we looked around and bought salsa and jam and apples and stuff!

There were all these little stick your face in it things and we were having a litle too much fun with them...

And we picked out pumpkins, Maddie was very picky about which one she would get!

And there was a petting zoo that they let the kids go into the pens with the animals, it was so cool!

There was also a little hay-maze we went through, that I thought was pretty hard, I was the last one out...that doesn't say anything about my intelligence does it?

And like there aren't enough pictures on here, I'm adding more. Hey, its my blog!

It was such a fun day and the weather was fantastic! That night we had another family dinner, this time at Dave's parents'. Also, a LOT of fun! We're a crazy bunch of kids! :) Tune in for more tomorrow!

7 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

also known as shell said...

love your hair. I want to cut mine so bad. its very tres chic on you.

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

When I first read the name of the farm, I thought it said 'Schitler' not 'Schilter'. Then I couldn't stop laughing, because that would be a cool last name 'Schitler'.
It looks like you had fun at the pumpkin patch.
Oh, and P.S. I love Maddie's green boots. So cute.


Mom's coat is so cute, and your girls hair is adorable! Man, I feel like such a slacker, my kids look like the way, where was Dave??

Lassen Family said...

I think more people should cut their hair short, its so dang cute and so dang easy! Yay!

I laughed very hard as well at Schitler, wow thats funny!

Dave's in the very first picture, after that we got in a passive aggresive fight where we didn't talk to eachother for awhile and thats why there's no more pictures of him. :)

Youngblood4ever said...

How seriously cute are all of these pics!

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

Let me guess, you were the aggressor?? Funny!!

Lassen Family said...

WHO ME?! Never!! haha

No, he wouldn't obey me, so I may have hit him or something, and then he walked away and wouldn't come near me for awhile.

And by obey I mean he was messing with my camera and I told him to knock it off and he wouldn't. And you just don't mess with my camera! :)