Friday, October 03, 2008

Random Me

I am super stoked! A blog (Seriously Shellie) I totally love tagged me, happy happy day! I feel so honored, although there is no way I can follow what she did, she is hysterical!

So, seven random facts about me.....well, if you look a couple posts back, you can read 100....but I think I can come up with seven more.

1. In my 100 post, I said I was "tender hearted" and I cried a lot. To prove this, I even cry when I laugh! My eyes just can't hold in the tears!

2. I have like obsessive compulsive disorder--mildly. Like I have to brush my teeth a certain way, I have to put the silverware in the dishwasher in a certain order, I have to drink the bubbles from my milk first. There's more, but I'm sure you're weirded out enough.

3. I really like the smell of Clorox, so I really like cleaning my toilet.

4. I was put in as Young Women's President when I was 23. Needless to say, I get told I'm "sooo young" a LOT! :)

5. I have horrible allergies. HORRIBLE. So bad, I had to have allergy shots twice a week for over a year. I never finished them, so I STILL have really bad allergies. Stupid huh?

6. I really wish I had an accent. England or Australia would be okay, but I really want a Scottish accent. (REALLY)

7. I sneeze really loud. I hate it when people try to hold their sneezes in and its all "achoo" "achoo" "achoo". And they have to keep sneezing because they won't just do a huge sneeze and get it out. My sneezes are like "AAAACHHHOOOOOOO!!!!" Sometimes boogers come out, but that's a whole other story.....

I'm tagging: Kerrilyn (now you have something to blog about! :)

2 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

also known as shell said...

okay LOL drink the bubbles out of your milk first! LOL! That is freaking funny!

I put my silverware in the same compartments. spoons with spoons, forks with forks. knives with knives. is that what you do?

Lassen Family said...

No, I can't handle if all the compartments don't have the same amount of silverware in each one. So I put them in a certain order, and well, its complicated....

There's way more, but I won't go into it! :) haha