Monday, October 27, 2008

*Regular Posts Interrupted for a Blog Award!!*

So I'm taking a quick break from the Washington trip posts, to say I won a blog award!!! *Ding, ding, ding, ding!!* (like on Wheel of Fortune. Get it?)

So like my favoritest blog I stalk gave me an award! Whoo hoo and a yippee!! And maybe a little cockadoodle doo! (I'm excited can you tell?!)

For those of you that don't know, not all blogs are just to say whats going on with you, a lot of blogs are super funny or are more personal, like writing about how you feel, or about life's quandaries. Anyway, there are many types of blogs, and there are many different blog awards that go out to people for blogging. On Shellie's blog, there were three to choose from, I chose this one:

I chose this because I would really like to disillusion myself into believing that she really does love my blog, oh fantasy world I love you!

Thanks so much Shellie, you totally made my day!

Now I'm passing on this award to a couple other blogs I love:

Shanna--I love that Shanna puts as many if not more pictures on her posts as I do! :)

Julie--I love that Julie puts theme music to her posts and sometimes posts four times in one day! :)

Noreen--I love that Noreen has such a fun, exciting life, and I can live vicariously through her! :)

Megan--I love that Megan is so crafty and upbeat, she makes me want to be a better mom! :)

Kerrilyn--I love that Kerrilyn is so hysterical! Her writing is fantastic and she can always tell a good story, I totally appreciate good storytelling! :)

Kristie--although Kristie doesn't post NEARLY enough!!! (hint, hint!) I love that its one way in our crazy lives we can keep up to date with eachother! Love ya sis! :)

I love many more blogs, if I didn't mention yours I still love it, I just had to draw the line somewhere and I kept adding more and more people! Sorry, I love all blogs!!! :)

6 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Wow!!! Well, you are a great blogger what else can we say. Thanks for noticing that I put tons of pictures on my blog. Oh wait how could you not notice. Ha Ha... Thanks for the shout out. You ROCK!

*MARY* said...

I know I haven't stalked your blog long but I still heart your blog, and think this is a well deserved award.

Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

What to say!! I am honored to be nominated. You are funny!!!

also known as shell said...

Of COURSE I HEART YOUR BLOG!!! Are you crazy girl!

tonight while running errands with chad I looked at myself in the passenger mirror and I thought about you. I bet right then at that exact same moment you were thinking of me too.

being twins is so fun!

Lassen Family said...

I WAS thinking about you right then!



Youngblood4ever said...

Seriously, I love you! Did you know that? Thanks for the award! You deserve it. You are quite inspiring my dear.