Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're BACK!!

WOW! What a weekend! A fast, exhausting, entirely not enough time to spend with friends and family, kind of weekend! I don't have a lot of time to blog today because after a vacation you get the JOY of unpacking, washing all your laundry, folding that, going grocery shopping, cleaning out your DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY van, etc. etc. I have lots and lots of pictures to download though, you'll be getting those probably tomorrow.

I did want to take a minute while we're eating lunch to blog and tell you how much we love our family and how badly we miss them! We had a wonderful time with all the people we saw and it broke our little hearts to leave. Literally Bethany cried for approximately 12 hours yesterday. (Not 12 hours straight, but about every half hour or so she would start up again.) Every time she would start crying it just broke my heart! She was so sad, and it brought me back to my childhood and having to say goodbye and crying over MY grandparents. Very sad.

While she was on one of her crying jaunts, I had a whole movie scene play out in my head. I didn't know it, but I should be a screen writer too! These little talents just keep popping up...

(So, to set the scene. We were in our van, but I think its more heart wrenching if you're on a train. So I pictured this on a train. Anyway, I'm thinking about goodbye's and how sad it is and how much I miss my family, and I'm looking all melancholy like out the window. Its gray and cold and windy outside. In the background is playing really sad Enya-esque music.)

Close up on my eyes, as one lone tear pools up in the corner of my eye.

Flash up to the sky, where one lone raindrop starts to fall from a cloud.

Back to the tear, as it slowly trickles down my cheek.

Flash back to that raindrop where its falling down the sky.

Back to the tear, where it falls from my cheek.

Back to raindrop, as it gets closer to the ground.


The raindrop hits the window, as my teardrop lands in my open palm.

As more raindrops start pouring down and tinkling on the window, I say (in a British accent, because it pulls at the heartstrings more) "It feels like the whole world is crying with me...."

Fade out...

p.s. Don't worry if you cried, I won't judge you. I know it really was deep, and you've all missed your family at one time or another. I would suggest reading it again, but this time play some sad Enya music first, and read it slowly, and REALLY picture it.

p.s.s. If you didn't cry, I'll know you're heartless. Good thing to know about you, I think.

p.p.s. More posts later, ones that are really about our vacation! YAY!

5 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Pogue Fam said...

It was so great to meet you :) Its awful to have to leave... but good "movie moment!"

also known as shell said...

I cried and then I went and made out with Colin Firth.

Youngblood4ever said...

So, apparently I'm worse than heartless, because I laughed. What a rude friend I am. I would pay money to see that flick, though.

Shane & Laina said...

You've got skills, both for making me laugh and cry...so glad you're back. Remember that we love you here too and I'm so glad you came back!

Lassen Family said...

OH man! Colin Firth or Hugh Grant totally should have been apart of my movie! Dang, I'll have to extend the scene out...
Julie, you're not heartless, it was supposed to be funny! DUH! haha
Thanks Laina, always nice to be missed! :)