Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't you Hate it When...

I'm submitting this for a contest by BlokThoughts, I think its a fun theme, and I've thought of soooo many "don't you hate it when"'s (thats the theme of the contest-DUH!), but I hope this one is funny enough to win or atleast give you a chuckle today! :)


Don't you hate it when you go to a fancy pants restaurant (i.e. THE OLIVE GARDEN) that JUST opened up by your house, so the line is ridiculously long and you stand there and wait and wait and wait, and stupid young people don't give up their seats to you even though you have three little kids and are tired--but whatever to those jerk-o's--and then when you finally get seated your baby starts to cry; so you take that hungry baby to the most dignified of places (i.e. THE BATHROOM) and sit on your royal throne to nurse cranky baby; and if that wasn't bad enough, you sit so uncomfortably forever that the automatic flush thinks its been long enough and flushes while you're still on there(!!) (and if you've ever used a public toilet, those suckers flush hard!), so then you jump up real fast so as not to get sprayed by the toilet water, but you weren't fast enough and have nice speckles all over your butt? And then you run into people from church and have to walk all weird to keep your butt averted from their eyes and they look at you all funny, and probably won't talk to you for atleast two months?!

Don't you just HATE that?!

I know I do....

(This is totally 100% true and happened to me just this last week. I swear it on the Bible. And the Book of Mormon. And my mom.)

Go here and vote for me tomorrow (its a poll on the sidebar)! Thanks!!

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*MARY* said...

I'm still mad that I didn't win last week, but I'll still vote for you even though I don't know what it's like when this happens because I just nurse my kids right there at the table with a blanket draped over myself and my baby, and if people give me dirty looks I just let the blanket slip off for a second and they turn away disgusted.

Lassen Family said...


Mary, I'm sorry you didn't win last week, I don't know what happened!

I swore I'd never nurse on a toilet again, but my husband (yes, I blame him), forgot the blanket, so I wasn't going to free boob it. Darn it!


Haha, I like the you swore..on mom. Because we know then you're REALLY telling the truth..hahaha!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Im mad Mary didn't win also last week! AS IF!!! lol!

That was a great funny! I Had to go out to the car to nurse because I was so awkward doing it! STunk!

Does that mean you went to Olive Garden BEFORE church? :) loL!

Lassen Family said...

Usually we just meet at the Harts down the street to get a Mountain Dew, but that Sunday we went fancy! hahaha

Totally joking MOM! It was DURING the week! :)

Youngblood4ever said...

I totally voted for you, and yes, I really do hate that!

I love Mary's comment, BTW.

Young peoples these days. What have their parents taught them.

Also, I understand the idea of the automatic flushing toilets, but I hate it when you just put the toilet cover paper thingy on and then stand up and the toilet thinks you are done and flushes the cover you just put on. Then, it thinks you are done if you have to do any kind of shifting on the toilet. I'm not the only one, right?