Monday, November 17, 2008

Seven Years

So, today's me and David's seventh anniversary. SEVEN. (I'm totally picturing that episode of Friends where Monica holds up seven fingers....although that has NOTHING to do with our anniversary, its just what popped into my head. And if you don't know what episode that is, we can't be friends. Just kidding!)

Anyway, David rocks. I think he has this whole husband thing down. He doesn't do a lot of super sweet, bring me flowers, write me love notes kind of things, and then BAM! every once in awhile he throws it at me and I'm knocked off my feet!

Like today, for instance, he totally let me sleep in!! He knows just how to get on my good side! ;) But it totally gets better! I know! When I got home from work, there on the table is a BIG bag (not some little dinky fun size bag), a BIG bag, of my favorite candy! (Peanut Butter M&M's if you can't live without that little tidbit) And on top of the bag of candy is a card. I open the card and start reading. Its so gushy I kind of skip ahead, and then something catches my eye and I go back and read it all the way through, it is so sweet I totally start to cry! And at the end he writes something along the lines of "The last seven years have been the best of my life. I look forward to the next seventy years and beyond..." The rest is personal, yo.

Anyway, I just have to give a shout out to my husband that even after seven years he still knows what I like and tries to make things special for me! He's awesome.

How can I top extra sleep and candy?!

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I totally know what episode your talking about..."ooooh toes!" hahaha...that's why we're sisters AND friends! Happy Anniversary to you guys!!

Kerrilyn said...

Happy 7th!!! It just keeps getting better and better if you ask me. Have your pants arrived yet? I can't wait to see you in them.

also known as shell said...

a 3... a 4... a 5,1,4... a6... a7

i love that episode.

happy anniversary.

p.s. on a totally related and creepy note.

my favorite candy is pb m&ms

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Happy Anniversary! Candy and sleep I agree are the two best things. Ps. I LOVE peaunut M&M's. MMMMMMMMM. Now, I can't stop thinking about them. Need some now....

Lassen Family said...

Well, Shanna stop by anytime and I might just share my anniversary treat, look what a good friend I am! :)
Kristie, you rock! Love ya!
Kerr, thanks! Nope, pants haven't come yet, but they shipped, so yay!
Shellie, you really ARE my twin! hehe

Pogue Fam said...

That is so sweet! Congrats on 7 wonderful years! Our third anniversary is this Saturday :) We will just have to wait and see what Lee comes up with haha.

Youngblood4ever said...

Tell Dave I'm totally impressed! I'm glad I know the episode you are talking about. I'd hate for you to disown me! Isn't sleep a beautiful thing. For all the crazy things our hubbies do, they really are fantastic!

Anne Corey said...

ahhhh! Aren't husbands great? They string you along forever and just when you're about to throw in the towel, they just know how melt your heart. Miss you guys!