Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Google Me

When people search for things on google, sometimes they come across my blog. Here are a few things people have searched for and have been led to my blog:

-first off, the majority are searches for "Melinda Lassen" or "the Lassen Family" or "lassen blog", and that totally makes sense, those people don't scare me...

are the ones that are a little freaky:

-"riding the pony" torture (I think this one scared me the most. WHA?????)

-a crazy person's mind

-funny moods to say

-it's such a big dream I can't see it (seriously people! I couldn't make this stuff up!)

-king lassen farm blog

-monster footprint pictures or weekend mysterious monsters

-popeye and olive oyl costumes

-chuckarama or olive garden (take your pick) :)

-girls potty training

(okay, not all of these are freaky, but some just make me smirk)

and my all-time favorite:

-who is freckle farkle?

Yes, who IS Freckle Farkle?! I'm curious now as well! Or a little freaked out that these are the kinds of things people search for on google! Think about it, someone actually typed these phrases in a search engine, what are they thinking about?! And these crazed people are led to MY blog! EEK! (I'm not really scared, but it sure does make ya wonder!) :)

I've also discovered I have some blog stalkers!!!! (!) Which totally makes me laugh because I'm like the ultimate blog stalker! hehe Come on out of hiding people and comment! It really isn't that weird, I promise! I leave comments on total stranger's blogs ALL the time! Ask Shellie, she's like my new best friend and I've never even seen her! :) Anyway, the curious things you learn on Google Analytics! huh.

oh yeah, I'm planning on posting some stories from that post a couple back on "things I've done", I haven't forgotten, just haven't got around to it yet!

2 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

also known as shell said...

one time I googled "do I have a long lost twin?" and the first match was: The Lassen Family blog. it was soooo freaky :)

and yeah blog stalkers need to come out and comment. Mel and I are like best friends and its all because Mel was way cool and said hi to me on my blog :)

oh and p.s.

I almost freaking DIED when you commented that you want to shop at Victorias Secret for their clothing. I eWindow shop their clothes ever day. Do you want those lifty butt jeans as much as me???

Lassen Family said...

Totally laughed out loud with the whole googling your long lost twin--you're hillarious!!
I DO want those jeans!! I want just about everything they have, ahhhhhhhhh heaven.