Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day!

As promised (Jason), here's the pictures from Thanksgiving! Yay! It was a great day, we ate, we laughed, we ate, we played games, ate.... You get the idea! So enough with the words, here's the pictures:

Maddie ate so good--grow girl, GROW!

Maddie and Ethan are just a couple weeks apart, its so fun!

Bethany told me all week that turkey is her favorite taste

Get the grub on!

Leannie loves that turkey! hehe


Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some napping!

My pretty berry pie!

I couldn't end this without saying how extremely grateful I am for my family! When it comes right down to it, without them nothing else matters. So a special thank you to Jim & Kay for being WONDERFUL and inviting us into their family! You RoCk!

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Pogue Fam said...

Great pictures! It is such a wonderful day, isn't it?! I love that we get to do pretty much the same thing again like a month from now. Eat, sleep, play, and enjoy family. Holiday season is the best!

Delee said...

This post made me a little sad! As much as I love living by my family I really miss living by all of you. I saw your parents at Bev and Mitch's the other day. You are a lot like your mom, it's really funny. So, I'm wondering when you're going to move back here.... How about next week??? :)

Lassen Family said...

Delee, sometimes I wish I could split myself apart, so I could be in Washington, Utah, Las Vegas, maybe Hawaii.... anyway, it would be so awesome to be back in Washington, but then I would miss everyone here so much too! Although we won't be moving anytime soon, so I won't worry about it for now! :)

also known as shell said...

I love bethany's arm warmers :)

and that berry pie looks so cute and good. I love any and all berry pies. with vanilla ice cream.