Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party!

We had our Ward Halloween party last night and it was a good ol' time! There was a potato bar and lots of yummy desserts and games and face painting, lots of fun. Our bishopric every year has a secret cotume that they reveal at the end of the night; last year they were ballerina's (scary huh? haha), and this year they were sumo wrestlers! Check out those pics! I like doing theme costumes, so because my kids are so into it right now, we did "Popeye"! Bethany was so fun and was Popeye, I was Olive Oyl, David was Bluto, Sam was Swee'Pea, and Maddie was a can of spinach! It was too fun!

Back to Washington

So the rest of our weekend in Washington was a little less "organized" (we really weren't organized, but I guess we did have a plan the first few days). Saturday was a little weird, I'm not sure what we did. :) We went to Red Robin and to a little bit of our nephew Collin's football game. We had some friends over and played "Apples to Apples" which was a lot of fun. Mostly we just took it easy, which was nice because I was EXHAUSTED. Sunday was fun too because we went to church with Dave's family and then later with mine. We used to be in Dave's parent's Ward, so it was fun to see everyone, and I grew up in my parent's, so yeah, knew a lot of people there too. :) Anyway, here's some random pictures I have left from the trip! Enjoy!

Bethany crying on the way home, and Maddie making faces at me.

Beautiful sunset to a great vacation.

*GAG! Just a little p.s. in here, I just turned Sam around to look at him and he spit up all over me. In my mouth. IN MY MOUTH!!! It was pretty sick, I tried not to loose it, but I did have to run to the bathroom and wash my mouth out before I ralphed all over the place! GAG!*

Monday, October 27, 2008

*Regular Posts Interrupted for a Blog Award!!*

So I'm taking a quick break from the Washington trip posts, to say I won a blog award!!! *Ding, ding, ding, ding!!* (like on Wheel of Fortune. Get it?)

So like my favoritest blog I stalk gave me an award! Whoo hoo and a yippee!! And maybe a little cockadoodle doo! (I'm excited can you tell?!)

For those of you that don't know, not all blogs are just to say whats going on with you, a lot of blogs are super funny or are more personal, like writing about how you feel, or about life's quandaries. Anyway, there are many types of blogs, and there are many different blog awards that go out to people for blogging. On Shellie's blog, there were three to choose from, I chose this one:

I chose this because I would really like to disillusion myself into believing that she really does love my blog, oh fantasy world I love you!

Thanks so much Shellie, you totally made my day!

Now I'm passing on this award to a couple other blogs I love:

Shanna--I love that Shanna puts as many if not more pictures on her posts as I do! :)

Julie--I love that Julie puts theme music to her posts and sometimes posts four times in one day! :)

Noreen--I love that Noreen has such a fun, exciting life, and I can live vicariously through her! :)

Megan--I love that Megan is so crafty and upbeat, she makes me want to be a better mom! :)

Kerrilyn--I love that Kerrilyn is so hysterical! Her writing is fantastic and she can always tell a good story, I totally appreciate good storytelling! :)

Kristie--although Kristie doesn't post NEARLY enough!!! (hint, hint!) I love that its one way in our crazy lives we can keep up to date with eachother! Love ya sis! :)

I love many more blogs, if I didn't mention yours I still love it, I just had to draw the line somewhere and I kept adding more and more people! Sorry, I love all blogs!!! :)

Day Three: Pumpkin Patchiness!

We went to the Schilter Family Farm (a pumpkin patch) on Friday and it was SOOO fun! My mom and Dave's parents and his sister Niki all went, and we had a blast! (Too bad for my dad who wasn't feeling so great, he missed out though!)

We went on a hayride first, it was bumpy and jostle-y and the kids loved it! Well, first first there was a little shop where we looked around and bought salsa and jam and apples and stuff!

There were all these little stick your face in it things and we were having a litle too much fun with them...

And we picked out pumpkins, Maddie was very picky about which one she would get!

And there was a petting zoo that they let the kids go into the pens with the animals, it was so cool!

There was also a little hay-maze we went through, that I thought was pretty hard, I was the last one out...that doesn't say anything about my intelligence does it?

And like there aren't enough pictures on here, I'm adding more. Hey, its my blog!

It was such a fun day and the weather was fantastic! That night we had another family dinner, this time at Dave's parents'. Also, a LOT of fun! We're a crazy bunch of kids! :) Tune in for more tomorrow!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Day B: The OCEAN!

Our first full day in Washington, we decided we just had to go to the ocean and visit Owen's Beach, its one of our favorites and we go just about every trip (me and Dave's engagement pictures were taken at that beach). It's so hard to decide how to spend your time, especially in Washington where there's so many GORGEOUS places to see! We were so glad though that we didn't have to worry so much about splitting our time up between my family and David's family so much; both my parents and Dave's parents had Thursday and Friday off, so we did a lot of things together! Thanks so much Family for being so accommodating!

We weren't sure if it would pour on us, it didn't, but the girls had fun playing with the umbrellas anyway!

I haven't edited any of the pictures, but I still think its so gorgeous there!

You have to throw rocks into the ocean! It was decided that David is the skipping rocks King, and I'm the dunce...


So pretty...

Walking down the piers with Grandmas' and Grandpas'

We went out to lunch at a REAL seafood restuarant, so yummy!! This was the view from the window:

Sam can sit up, he's getting so big!

Davey loves his mommy! :)

Bethany and Grandma Chelli, so fun!

We also saw some star fish and a little baby seal that we thought was stuck or hurt, but it scooted back in the water and swam away so fast!

Sorry this is so long! At the end of the day we had a big family dinner at my parents house and had Dave's family come too, it was so nice to have everyone together and get to visit with friends as well! So awesome!