Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Things that are making me irritable:

-I don't understand why my husband cannot just close a drawer when he's done, throw the little piece of plastic from the milk away instead of leaving it on the counter TWO FEET from the trash, fix the sink without stripping the cold water turn off so we don't have cold water, pick up his shoes from the middle of the floor...

-having so much to do but so little time!

-cleaning my house for an hour and a half and it still looks like a tornado hit it.

-I wore overalls today, and every time I sit down or bend over they ride up and give me a huge wedgy, it is making me irritated.

-my back and neck hurting ALL the time!

-our stupid insurance didn't send us a paper we needed, so I had to pay $100 dollars for two shots--the shots only cost $15 each, it was just to see the dr. for FIVE MINUTES that cost $70!! (and that was discounted for paying right then! Ya gotta be kidding me!)

-I can't get a babysitter for our Christmas work party tonight! :(

-THIS, oh yes definitely THIS:

Things that are keeping me sane:

-I filled up our van for $25 dollars yesterday!! THE WHOLE TANK!! Whoo!

-Smart Cookies, oh how I love you!

-this outfit I'm getting (so stoked!):

-Eating at the Spaghetti Factory tonight! Yum!

-My parents will be here next week! Yay!

-Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

-The sink is -partially- fixed and we got a new faucet!

-This face:

-this clip from Shellie! (You HAVE to watch it, so funny!!)

-and of course I can't forget, good family and friends! Without you I'd be hairless with a twitchy left eye.

10 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

also known as shell said...

I know I couldn't pull that outfit off but where can I find it?

and if I lived in Utah I would so babysit for you.

Lassen Family said...

You can find it at my favorite ewindow shopping place: Victoria's Secret! Oh how I love those clothes! (Don't look at the price though, yikes! I had a discount)

Thanks about the babysitting, you're so nice! :)

Youngblood4ever said...

I had to watch the video again. I laughed- outloud for that one. Sorry that you have had a crazy time at your house.

Kerrilyn said...

I am dying to know who or what caused the catastrophe with the pantry. Do tell. Hope it wasn't Dave!!!

Lassen Family said...

No Kerr, it wasn't Dave. It was my barely escaped her life daughter Bethany. Oh it was all I could do to not hit her! (I didn't, thank you very much) She was messing around hanging on the door and pulled it right over!!! (I want to do the noise from Emperor's New Groove when Pacha's wife is angry and snorts, if you haven't seen it, go watch it!) :)

Pogue Fam said...

Hahaha... I SOOOOO know how you feel right now! I am currently suffering from a headache, way too much to do, and feeling anger towards anyone who asks me to do anything more!!! At least you have that sexy outfit comin to ya... I want one. (by the way, if you ever manage to snort and growl like Pacha's wife, let me know hahaha. It would come in handy!)

Kerrilyn said...

I wonder if you looked like me when I am mad. Chris told my mom he was ready for his dad to be home so he could get in trouble from someone else. Apparently, I look like my skin is going to split open and my skull is going to pop out when I am mad. I bet you probably looked something like that. That is funny, but not really so funny that happened. Like Bill Cosby says...."ALL CHILDREN HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE."


What's wrong with a twitchy left eye.........;)

Anonymous said...

You do need to tell the story of the pantry... I'm sure now that it's all over, you can tell the story.

Lassen Family said...

Kristie, so let me make note of this:
Twitchy left eye: GOOD
Hairless: BAD

Okay, got it! Thanks! hahaha :)