Monday, December 08, 2008


I haven't felt like blogging lately! Crazy talk I know! So instead of going on and on about all the junk I need to get done, I will tell you what I HAVE gotten done!
1. I've gone to work.
2. I made 20-some-odd or so hair bows to sell in my friend's boutique.
3. I've eaten maybe twenty caramel kisses (just now).
4. I put up my Christmas decorations!
5. I took family pictures for my sister's brother in law.
6. I edited said family pictures, they look awesome!
7. I folded laundry and did dishes.
8. I made a cake for our Ward Christmas party.
9. I babysat.
10. Add two more caramel kisses to the list...
11. I helped Bethany with her barfing sickness.
12. I got my hair cut!
13. I cleaned my house (which I need to go finish now).
14. I went to Ward Council.
15. I loved my family! Yay for me!

My parents are coming in this Wednesday, so if you don't see me around after that, you'll know why! Hopefully after that, I'll have something great to post about, hopefully. :)

6 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:

Youngblood4ever said...

Love this idea. AND- love the caramel filled kisses. Good choice of snackage. Hope you have a great time with your parents.

also known as shell said...

I'm going to get my hair cut too. wish me lucksies. I'm going to go short short just like you and then the transformation will be complete :)


but I am going to cut it. don't worry I'll send you some glamour shots.

Pogue Fam said...

Ahh Melinda. Good for your progress... isn't life crazy this time of year? I'm trying to calm things down, but with Lee in the middle of finals it's not that easy. Tell your parents hi and let your mom know that I haven't forgotten that we have that metal cheese dish!!! (Lee was supposed to return it on basketball night and he didn't) But yeah, if I don't hear from you guys, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Your card is in the mail :)

Anonymous said...

Wow you make me look lazy..

Lassen Family said...

Shellie, you're so awesome! Totally cracked me up! hee hee

Thanks Megan, we got your card today, its dang cute! First Christmas card we've gotten this season, aren't you special?! Oh, and I'll let me mom know! ;)

Lassen Family said...

Oh, thanks Julie, we will have a great time, I'm positive! :)