Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bones, Bugs and Sharks--OH MY!

So I've been meaning to post about the Dinosaur Museum we went to when my parents were here, I've just had some technical difficulties with my laptop. Just so you know, I went to great lengths to get these photos, so you better appreciate it! :) Anyway, we LOVED the Dinosaur Museum! Its informative, hands on, big and a little creepy. Well, atleast to me--they kept playing these creepy dinosaur sounds and you're surrounded by huge bones, I was SCEERED! But only for a second, then we got to play in the sand! Yay!

Me and Dave decided to play around the big shark display, we thought we were pretty funny...

Digging in the sand for "bones" :)

Sam playing with Grandpa, it was so cute!

Bethany asleep with Grandma, she loves her so much!

2 awesomeness!...and attractiveness!:


You guys ARE funny! Bethany's hair is so cute! You should let it grow out....cuz I said so...hee hee:) Okay I'm a little silly right now.

Lassen Family said...

I AM growing it out! You're so ahead of the curve Kristie! hehe Why are you silly? I'm grouchy! :(