Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Festivities!

I truly hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We had ourselves a good ole time, especially with not being able to go home this year! Here's some pictures from our celebrating:
First up, Christmas Eve at Jim & Kay's along with some of my cousins:

How can you not love this man?!?! hehehe

What a grinchy look Jim! PRESENTS! FOOD! PRESENTS! ME! So much to smile about! ;)

Sam enjoying the meal

Maddie opening a present from Aunt Kay! So fun!

Could she get any happier?

Christmas morning we woke up to a REAL white Christmas, with pretty little flakes falling!

Opening presents from Aunts' and Uncles' and Grandmas' and Grandpas', we're so spoiled!

Sam was happy just to watch what everyone was doing!

I LOVE HER! Every present we gave Maddie, she asked "Can I open it?" haha

Bethany just so excited! Isn't she cute?

David with the Wii, our arms are sore from playing....:)

Maddie sharing the chapstick she got in her stocking :)

The girls REALLY wanted to go out and make a snowman, but I'm mean so they played by themselves while I watched! Here's Maddie and the giant icicle she found to play with.

Bethany trying to build her snowman (see that little lump next to her? Yeah, thats it.)

Maddie so happy in the snow!

Well, thats it folks! Merry Christmas, and we hope you also have an amazing New Year!

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Pogue Fam said...

How cute are those pictures! I just love Christmas time, and having little ones to get excited about all the "pesants" makes it that much more heart-warming!

also known as shell said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Bethany looks extremely happy. She looks like a really really happy girl. all your children are cute!

p.s. the icicle pic reminds me of grey's anatomy when that one dr got stabbed by one. I've never seen the actual show... only the soup version of it. but be careful around those.


SO cute! I'm bummed, my camera got left at Julie's so I haven't had it since Christmas Eve...waah! I love Maddie with the icicle...she could totally do some damage


Okay Dave's face in that first picture kills me....!!