Friday, December 12, 2008


Hi. I'm back.

I'm sad because I only got to spend about a day and a half with my mom, and half a day with my dad. So to keep my mind off being sad, I'm going to post a random story! Whoopee!

Awhile back I promised to tell some stories on "things I've done". Here's the first I'm going to share:

When I was a mere twenty one years old, we made the life changing decision to move to Utah. I was terrified, it was truly one of the scariest things I've ever done. Three months after we moved, my parents took me and Bethany (and my younger sister Brenda) on a trip to Nauvoo. Bethany was eighteen months old and it was my first time EVER flying on an airplane! (I know, how sad! Since then I've flown lots of times, so there.) It was just me and my toddler, and we had a layover. We flew into the Chicago O'Hare airport, I think its like the biggest airport in the WORLD, or the United States, or at least in Illinois. But it was big. So anyway, I met my parents in the airport and we drove to Nauvoo. It was amazing and wonderful and I can't tell you enough times to go there, its so cool. Besides going to Nauvoo, we went to Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Far West, Carthage Jail, Independence, and more. There was a lot of driving--and throwing up for that matter, but thats another story. One of the places we stopped was a little Amish town. We wanted to stop for frozen custard....aahhhhhh, frozen custard. It was one of our favorite treats we discovered in that part of the U.S. MMMMmmmmmmm, frozen custard. So, moving on, we drove through this little town where there were men with beards driving horse and carts, and women in bonnets. It was a little odd, but we were there for the custard man! We found a little old ice cream shop and got our frozen heaven. It was totally a little shop like you would see in a movie: bar stools, old cash register, memorabilia on the wall. It was pretty cool, and all the while the horse carts are going by while we're pigging out on custard. Sorry guys, wish I could add in some hilarious story about some Amish guy going by on some roller skates or some sort of catastrophe or something, but alas, thats as good as my story gets. Aren't you glad you spent all this time reading to just end like this? No? Oh, sorry.
Stay tuned for my next installment of super interesting stories! Or don't, whatever.

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Youngblood4ever said...

Hey, I liked it. It was worth reading.

Combs - A day in the Life of... said...

Good story. Don't worry I didn't fly until I was 17 and I have a friend in her 30's that just flew this year for the first time.

Ps. Let me know if you really want help on those treats it would be fun.

Pogue Fam said...

First off, I'm sorry you are feeling sad :) Second... I think it would be very entertaining to see a bunch of horses with buggies goin up and down the street... huh. I like cars.