Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Two posts in one day! Lucky lucky you! While I was getting the other pictures off the laptop, I thought I should get these too. These are just a couple pictures from what we've been doing lately. First up are a couple of the Nativity sets I have up for Christmas, fun huh?

Next, we've been getting DUMPED on with snow, its insane! So I took a couple pictures of our house with the snow so you could see I wasn't exaggerating!

This last one is of Bethany all made up for ballet. She got to participate in the Nutcracker performance, she was an angel. She LOVES going on "the stage" and isn't scared at all, I think she loves wearing make-up more than anything else though! haha

p.s. It's Christmas Eve TOMORROW!! Whoo hoo!!

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I love your snow pictures! Your house (from what I can see) is decorated so cute. Just like Bethany, Isabel is totally into the makeup thing, too bad her mom isn't!

Lassen Family said...

I strategically placed the pictures so you can't see the huge pile of (folded) laundry on my couch--why don't we just put it away?! Thanks though! ;)

also known as shell said...

yeah your house is awsome. is that you and David in the picture on the mantle? the one with the white nativity?

Lassen Family said...

The picture on the right is us (one of our engagement pictures), but the picture on the left is David's parents. :)